Anytime Lease: The Perfect Option For Seasonal Travelers

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DriveTime. The opinions and text are all mine.

Nissan road trip Saint Augustine

As you all know we travel, A LOT.  We love road trips and each year those road trips are getting longer and more complex. We have explored most of Florida so now our road trips plans involve flying out to different states and taking our time getting to know new areas by going on road trips, then flying back home to Florida. Since both Paula and I work online it’s easy for us to spend a few weeks or even a couple of months in a new destination.  For me one of the biggest hassles when traveling somewhere else for an extended period of time is transportation.

Road trip with kids and dog
Road trip with the family!

When Renting Just Won’t Cut It

A couple of years ago we spend the holidays with family in the Washington D.C area, we had to rent a car and it was so expensive and there are so many extra charges, complications and restrictions that come with renting a car including the fact that we had to pay so both Paula and I could drive the car and make sure the car was covered by buying extra insurance.  This year we will be flying to New York and then embarking on a road trip to Canada but because we are crossing the border and renting a car is just too complex and too expensive. So what are the options if you are traveling for an extended period of time and need a car away from home?  How about leasing?  Now you might think I have just lost my mind here as most lease programs will tie you down for at least a couple of years and you can’t walk away from a lease without some major damage to your credit as well as a substantial monetary penalty but I’m talking about a different kind of lease program that let’s you cancel anytime! Yes there is such a thing: DriveTime’s Anytime Lease, you really need to look into it!

Road trip with the family.
Road trip with the family.

Why Anytime Lease Is A Great Option

If you need to rent a car for long term travel leasing is far cheaper than renting, that is if you are leasing from DriveTime’s Anytime Lease that lets you cancel that lease anytime without penalties and without affecting your credit.  Do your numbers and you might be quite surprised at how much leasing can save you.  When you lease your lease vehicle is covered by a limited warranty, which includes oil changes and some repairsBesides being cheaper you will not get charged extra for additional drivers or for extra insurance coverage and if you are 25 or younger leasing is a great option as you can lease at DriveTime if you’re 18 or older.

When leasing a car you can choose the exact car that you want and you can even try out a sports car or a van you have been considering buying or even get a hybrid.  When leasing you have the flexibility to choose whatever is best for your family and your traveling needs.

If you decide to terminate a rental early you will not only incur in early termination charges but if you had a discounted rate you will most probably loose it. When you lease from a dealer like DriveTime you can cancel the lease at any time without having to pay extra and without your credit being affected.

All of this makes Drive Tiem’s Anytime Lease a great option for long term travel, so next time you are considering a long term rental take a look at leasing and you might find it’s a better fit for your needs.

Disclosure: Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DriveTime. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DriveTime. The opinions and text are all mine.


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2 thoughts on “Anytime Lease: The Perfect Option For Seasonal Travelers”

  1. ¡Me gusto la noticia! nosotros no tenemos vehículo propio, y al igual que ustedes amamos viajar,(nosotros viajamos de Miami a Key West, y de Miami a Jacsonville (FL) en carro alquilado) Aprovechamos cualquier oportunidad para hacerlo, ahora mismo con las vacaciones de verano hemos estado hablando de viajar por estado de Wisconsin (donde vivimos) y como te dije antes no tenemos vehículo propio así que alquilar era nuestra primera expectativa, pero ahora con esta noticia nuestras oportunidades se amplían… se lo voy a mostrar a mi esposo que creo estar muy interesado en saber más

  2. Hey Cesar Diaz,
    Great post, and thanks for sharing your renting experience with us. I also prefer car leasing, its easy to take and we can give monthly payments. Leasing is better if we want vehicle for shorter period of time and also we can own it after agreement time.


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