Christmas Present Ideas: How to Find the Right Fragrances for Teens

CB-sponsored-post-white-600Taylor Swift Enchanted Perfume #shopI have a long list of family members I need to buy gifts for this holiday season and the hardest ones on my list are always my husband’s nieces, for some reason when it comes to the younger crown I just seem to run out of Christmas present ideas.  This is why I was pleased to find the celebrity gift sets at Walmart. I’ve always thought that fragrances are the best gift idea for any woman on your list and I loved the variety of modern and fresh fragrance gift sets which include perfumes by celebrities like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Britany Spears and many more.  Not only are the scents perfect for teens but they are a great value, have a great presentation and include a free ringtone download which I know she will love!

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taylor swift fragrance gift sets collage #shopFinding the Right Fragrance to Gift

Giving perfume as a gift is such a personal thing and taking the time to look for the right scent for a loved one shows that you have put time and effort into finding a gift that is really special. This task  can sometimes seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some great tips for finding the right scent when buying fragrance as a gift. .

Taylor Swift Enchanted Fragrance gift set #shopKnow the fragrance families.  There are four main fragrance families which include:

  • Floral: this family of scents includes most of the sweeter fragrances.
  • Oriental: this family has spicy notes.
  • Fresh: this family of fragrances includes citrus scents.
  • Woody: this family of fragrances includes woody, earthy and mossy notes.

Taylor Swift Enchanted Fragrance gift set #shopConsider what type of fragrance is ideal for that person. Most people like fragrances that belong to only one or two fragrance families so finding out what type of fragrance the person you are buying for prefers is a great way to start.  Think about the person you are gifting: what fragrance reminds you of them?  Are they someone who is daring and adventurous? Then maybe a fragrance with oriental or woody notes would be the right choice for them. Are they sweet and girly?  Then floral scents might appeal to her.

Add a personal note. Let that person know that you took the time to look for a fragrance that matches their personality.  You can say something like “This fragrance made me think of you, sweet and fresh.”

Taylor Swift Enchanted Fragrance gift set #shopThink about the gift wrap. Gift wrap can give that final touch to a special gift.  You can use the wrapping to convey many things and just making an effort to wrap the gift giving it a personal touch can make a great difference and make that gift memorable.

Taylor Swift Enchanted Fragrance gift set #shopI chose the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted celebrity gift set for my niece.  This was the perfect choice for her. The fragrance has oriental notes, it starts sweet with vanilla notes and then settles into woodsy, earthy notes with a hint of floral notes. I like that this fragrance is sweet but without being overpowering.   I think this fragrance really reflects my niece’s personality, sweet and girly but at the same time she is also an interesting and adventurous girl who loves to travel and is interested in exotic places and cultures.  Not only does Wonderstruck Enchanted remind me of my niece but she also loves Taylor Swift so I am sure she is going to love this fragrance!

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  1. Thanks for a great post! With only having boys and trying to buy for a teenage niece, I appreciate you writing about this topic!

  2. This fragrance is a combination of citrus fruits, spices, and herbs that are blended together to create a unique scent. This particular scent has been used since ancient times and was originally created by Egyptians. It is said that this scent can help calm your nerves, relieve stress, and even induce sleep.


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