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Since we moved to the United States my husband, my children (7 and 4) and I have shared a home with my in laws. My children love having their grandparents so close and they, in turn, have been a great support to us; taking care of the kids if we both need to go out and helping with chores in the house. But I have to say that sometimes it is challenging.  Small children can be loud and are on the move all the time and the constant noise and my husband’s and my strange working schedule which sometimes has us working on the computer late at night clashes with the quiet and laid back life style of my in laws who are in bed by 8pm on most nights. So we have taught the kids to respect those differences and they know that when grandpa and grandma close their door they need some peace and quiet and they have learned to give their grandparents their space.

Latinos and Multi-Generational Families

For us having the family together has great advantages and I believe that, culturally, Latinos like to stay together and be close to their extended family. When I think of my own parents growing old I see them being taken care of by family members who love them.  Many Hispanics in the US take care of aging family members at home, more than their non-Hispanic counterparts. Hispanics have a greater incidence of diabetes and obesity which combined with the fact that Latinos live longer than non-Hispanics puts them at greater risk to develop a myriad of chronic diseases.  This means that Latino there are not only more Latino caregivers taking care of elderly family members, they will probably be faced with more challenges and be taking care of them for a longer period of time.

This is a difficult situation because the caregiver is faced with many challenges and as the Latino population grows older more and more people are making themselves responsible for taking care of their children and of their aging parents, in laws or grandparents.

Aging Latinos

Given the current population estimates, there are roughly 4,000,000 Hispanics over the age of 65. It is expected that in the next three decades, the Hispanic elderly population will increase by 555 percent. The number of elderly Hispanics by 2050 is expected to be to 12.5 million. The aging Latino population in the US as well as the people that take care of them have a hard time finding resources on the internet. Comfort Plus seeks to change that and it is taking steps to provide information and resources in both English and Spanish geared specifically to the Latino population and their needs at


Comfrot Plus Online

Comfort Plus Inc. is a retailer that promotes Tranquility products. Tranquility products are the most absorbent products on the market, keeping skin dyer, eliminating odor and leakage and requiring fewer changes. This is not only makes them more comfortable but also more affordable because they save you money due to their efficiency.

I am really happy to be helping get the word out about because they are not only providing high quality products but they are also supporting the Latino community and making sure that they can be a source of information and resources. Their website intends not only makes incontinence product selection easier, it also provides useful caregiver informational resources. They are knowledgeable about the challenges that caregivers face and have information available for them in Spanish on the section titled “Comfort Plus Para Ti”. They also have a blog section which I found very helpful and informative, filled with tips and advice to help you address the stress and worry that comes with being the caregiver for an aging family member.

Are you the caregiver of an aging family member or do you manage a multigenerational household? What are your challenges and what information would you find valuable?

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Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and ComfortPlus Online. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. Companies like Comfort Plus make such a big difference for senior citizens. And the fact that they’re so accessible to Spanish-speaking patrons makes them stand out as an option for caregivers. Thanks for sharing!


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