Exploring the World with the New Doki Series only in Discovery Familia

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Discovery Familia has always been one of our favorite channels, dedicated entirely  to Hispanic mothers and the things that matter in our lives Discovery Kids has programing geared to kids 2-6 years old that is not only entertaining for but also educational.  We have been fans of Discovery Kids’ host Doki, a fun and inquisitive puppy, for years and we could not be more thrilled that Doki is now the star of his own animated series.

Doki series Discovery Familia

One of the greatest wonders and gifts of childhood is that children have this passion for discovery, they are curious and inquisitive and eager to learn everything there is to learn about the world.  My little guy loves to ask questions and find out how things work and why, he catches bugs and then draws them with as much detail as he can, he is always filled with wonder when he discovers something new.  My daughter loves to travel, to meet new people and learn about new cultures and new places.  In here room a huge map of the world covers most of the wall.  I love how the Doki series, just like all of Discovery Familia’s programing, is researched based and has was created taking into account children’s natural curiosity, sparking their love fore adventure and for discovery and encouraging independent thinking, while preserving the Spanish language from a young age.

[important]The new series DOKI will air Monday through Friday at 5:30PM E/ 2:30PM P, starting November 11th.[/important]

DOKI_Logo_Final_Bright_R-01My children can’t wait to join Doki and his friends on expeditions and adventures that will take them around the world to learn basic concepts in such subjects as biology, astronomy, geography, art and music as well as problem solving and motivating to work hard to achieve their goals. In the series Doki and his friends Fico, Oto, Anabella, Mundi and Gabi climb aboard their plane and set out on fun adventures that lead them to new lands, peoples and cultures.  Whether it’s finding out where silk comes from, how gravity works, what a time zone is or whether there is light at the bottom of the ocean, nothing can stop these intrepid explorers as they travel to the depths of the sea, the summit of Everest or beyond the Earth itself to the International Space Station in search of knowledge.

You can watch a preview of the new series Doki on the short video below and you can also visit www.dokilaserie.com where you will find information about the series’ characters, games, activities, printables and videos.  You can also like Discovery Familia on Facebook to stay up to date with their programing.

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30 thoughts on “Exploring the World with the New Doki Series only in Discovery Familia”

  1. Pues me gusta mucho que usen su imaginacion, les aplaudo cada imaginacion je je je que son muy locas pero cuerdas . Y que exploren ya que esa es una hermosa leccion en la cual aprenden y se dan cuentan con sus propios ojos . Me encanta mucho este dibujo animado al igual que ellos , que ya que mascota preferida es el perro . Gracias por el sorteo.

  2. By supporting a kid of what he/she likes to do just like exploring and celebrating it, I think will do wonder of encouraging him/her. Supporting means not being negative but getting a positive energy by overcoming the negative ones. Alright, as a mom, I think I’ll just be there for her when she says sign that she likes it.

  3. I think the best way to encourage imagination with your child is to let yours out every once in awhile and show them that having an imagination is fun and exciting. Exploring the world around them WITH them. Teaching them the fun side of things and listening with interest to their stories and perhaps adding into it!

  4. let them invent things for themselves, celebrate what invent with words “very well done”, put them to draw and watch TV programs that help them develop their minds and imaginations!

  5. My kids love to play pretend , do arts and crafts and create stories. They also like to ask questions and I try to answer them most of the times


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