Family Travel: Getting Kids To Help With Packing Their Luggage


Iron man luggage from American TouristerThis summer we are embarking on a truly amazing adventure. We are taking the kids to Morocco, Spain and Portugal. This will be their first time traveling across the Atlantic and because we will be spending five weeks away from home there are so many things to get ready. Now that the kids are older I decided it’s time for them to help out with packing their luggage and preparing the house for our trip. At first it was a bit of a struggle as they had to learn a couple of new things. But in the end they did an amazing  job and for the first time ever we finished packing a whole day ahead of our trip!

American Tourister superhero luggage

How To Get Kids To Help With Packing Their Luggage:

Start packing early. This is key, if you start with enough time you will remove the stress element from packing and turn it into a learning experience. We started packing about two weeks before out trip. First I figured what we would be taking and make sure we had everything we needed. This also gave us enough time to take things slow and really teach them how to do it.

Make it fun and exciting. I have to admit that packing is usually not my favorite thing to do. However awesome luggage can turn the tedious task of packing into something super exciting. Both of my kids are huge Marvel fans and going to the theater to watch Captain America Civil War was a family event. Our home is divided and Ariane and Cesar are #TeamCap while Sebastian and I are #TeamIronMan so we where thrilled to find that American Tourister has Marvel superhero luggage including Captain America and Iron Man! Not only is this luggage beyond cool but it’s so well made and easy for the kids to manage thanks to it’s single spinner wheels.

American Tourister captain America luggage

Give them a packing list. To help them get organized and ensure we packed everything we needed I created a fun Iron Man packing list. You can download the free printable HERE. To personalize just put a number next to each item. Since we are traveling for 5 weeks we took 7 bottoms, 7 tops and 7 underwear thinking we will have to wash clothes once a week. The packing list made it super easy for them to get everything they needed to pack all by themselves and as they packed they could just check it off. We also made sure to include some books and games which they also got to choose (among the options I gave them). We even created a special travel journal for them to write about their adventures overseas.

Iron man travel packing list for kids

Choose a packing method. There are many ways to pack but we decided on rolling clothes but instead of rolling each item separately we rolled complete outfits together. The kids learned to roll their clothes rolling one top and one matching bottom together. This ensured that everything they packed had something that matched and also will make it easy for them to pick their clothes when we get to our destination. To keep everything neat in the luggage we used packing cubes which I got from Amazon. I love that the American Tourister Marvel superhero spinner luggage has separate interior panels and large pockets on the interior pane which made packing a breeze!

iron man printable packing list

Let them make some decisions. Let them take the lead as this will give them ownership and motivate them. While I did give them direction regarding what types of clothes we needed I let them choose what outfits to take. This really made a difference and they were not only excited to choose but also felt very proud that they were packing all by themselves. This not only helped me but it got them even more excited about our trip.

American Tourister Marvel superheroes luggage

If you are traveling this summer and need new luggage for the kids or for the kid in you check out American Tourister’s line of Marvel superhero luggage. There are much fun I want one for myself!

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