How to Throw a Great Kid’s Party with Disney Junior

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pirate party pirate costumesI recently shared with you the fun Pirate and Princess party we had to celebrate the beginning of summer with the kids.  The party was inspired in the Disney Junior characters Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the first.  You can read all about the great fun that we had as well as great ideas for food and activities on my first post HERE.

The party was a complete success and the kids had lots of fun, so I on this post I wanted to share with you some great tips for making sure your kids parties are a complete success.

Plan Ahead

Make a list of everything you need to do and buy for the party and start early, first by sending out the invites, then buying the ingredients for the food you will be preparing and the treats you will be giving out.

Have a Theme

Having a theme for the party makes everything come together.  For your theme take into account what your children like. That is why we choose a Pirate and Princess theme which combined things that where fun for both my daughter and my son as well as giving attendees, both girls and boys, lots of activities. Encourage parents to dress in their best pirate costumes to immerse themselves in the theme fully. Provide simple DIY costume ideas or offer pirate accessories as party favors to enhance the experience.

Get the Kids Involved

Before I started planning the party I asked my children what their favorite Disney Junior characters where and what the wanted to do. My son wanted to do a treasure hunt and that gave me the idea for the fun scavenger hunt that we did which was a complete success. He also wanted to do a craft so we incorporated a pirate themed craft as part of the treasure the kids had to find and dig out.

Pirate party activities and food
Pirate party activities and food

Make the Food Fun

When you are planning your party menu focus on making the food kid centric, finger foods work best with children and look for options that don’t require heating up.  Thinking of creative ways in which you can prepare and offer foods that fall into the theme of your party.  For this party I made some super cute pirate ship cupcakes, you can get the instructions and printables HERE and also some princess blueberry cupcakes, you can get the recipe and the printables fore the princess cupcakes HERE.

Give the party an end time

Make sure that when you invite your little guests you are very clear on when the party starts and ends, that way you can plan your activities and then make sure that the kids don’t get overtired and cranky.  2 hours or an d 1 and a half should be enough for the kids to enjoy themselves and before they the sugar rush from the sweets and cake kicks in they are headed back home with their parents.

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6 thoughts on “How to Throw a Great Kid’s Party with Disney Junior”

  1. I used to watched Disney Junior shows with my middle son. These are great tips for preparing the kids party. I think my son will really enjoy the scavenger hunt.

  2. Great Post I’ll be planning a party near the end of July, beginning of August for our son who’ll be 11. We are going to probably have a minecraft theme. I love the pirate theme we had one like that a few years back.

  3. A theme for any party is always a must I agree. I find it easier to figure out games, what’s going to be on the cake. Especially if the child prefers a certain character such as a super hero or barbie or disney.

  4. Everyone loves disney characters, I mean most of us adults and kids, this would be great ideas for people out there who plans on throwing parties for their kids.


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