Lipton Tea & Honey: Long Island Iced Tea Mocktails for Fun A #FamilyTeaTime

Family meals are not only my favorite part of the day but also such an important part of our family life. It’s one of the few times during the day that we are all together and that the kids are in one place long enough that I might even get them to tell me about their day at school. I love spending quality time with my kids after a long day.

Preparing healthy meals can sometimes be a challenge and finding something that everyone likes and that is also healthy may feel like an impossible mission. Finding a drink for everyone is even harder. My husband is always counting calories so he drinks low calorie drinks sweetened with aspartame or some other fake sugar “stuff”. I like iced tea and the kids usually have fruit juice. When I became a mother I swore I would not become a short order cook and that everyone at the table would eat and drink the same thing, but that is easier said than done and here I am pouring something different for everyone in the family every night… until today! Ok so yes, this is a sponsored post, BUT I am being completely sincere here: everyone in my family loved the Lipton Tea & Honey long island iced tea mocktail I made tonight.

My little man is specially “expressive and animated”; we are always saying that he will probably be an actor, he certainly has the hair for it too, doesn’t he? He would not stop talking about how much he liked the new tea drink mommy made, hugging the tea box and saying he wanted to have it every night. I really should give the PR people at Unilever a call and offer him for an Lipton Tea & Honey ad. Our conversation during dinner tonight was mainly about tea: Where does it comes from? How do you make it? What did you put in it? Is it healthy? Amazing how 4 year old have the uncanny ability to ask 100 questions in a row.

I went to my neighborhood Walmart to get the Lipton Tea and Honey iced mix which I quickly found on the coffee and tea isle. I will confess that when I saw the Lipton Tea and Honey box and read that it only had 5 calories per 8onz serving I thought it was made with aspartame and was truly surprised to read that it in fact has no aspartame but is sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors. You can see my complete shopping trip on my Google+ Album HERE.

There is a wide variety of flavors including the classic lemon iced black tea, fruity blackberry and pomegranate iced green tea, peach apricot iced black tea and the more tropical iced green tea mango pineapple (among others). Each box has 6 pitcher packets, each one makes 4 cups of tea and I was thrilled to find they had a coupon right there on the box, so I saved a lot. I don’t know about your kids, but mine get bored drinking the same thing all the time so we will be trying all of the flavors. You can also use Lipton Iced Tea & Honey to make lots of different drinks. The different flavors can also be chosen according with the food you are making that day. The lemon black iced tea was the perfect compliment for the citrus fish, long grain and wild rice and steamed vegetables we had for dinner.

Long Island Icead Tea Mocktailstrong>

1 packet of Lipton Tea and Honey Lemon Iced Black Tea
2 cups of water
1 quart of apple cider
4 cups of ginger ale
¼ cup of lemon juice

Mix the Lipton Tea and Honey Lemon Iced Tea packet in 2 cups of water. This will make strong, dark tea. Add the remaining ingredients and mix. Serve with lemon slices.

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