Culture Through Food

A familiar proverb tells us that ‘we are what we eat.’  Until I moved to United States I didn’t realize how important food was and how the preparation and sharing of food is filled with traditions and values that connect me to my family, my culture and to my roots. When I was growing up … Read more

Test Driving LG Optimus Net from Net10

So I am not super techy and I have to admit that I have been slow in getting into the SmartPhone bandwagon. I love the idea that I would be able to tweet, surf the internet etc  on my phone so I did finally get a Smart phone about a year ago. Since I have … Read more

Dare to Bare – (post one of two)

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   I am lucky, I don’t have to wait for summer to hit the beach and wear cute summer dresses and sexy bikinis. Living in Florida’s Gulf Coast we are surrounded by water and … Read more