Pirate Ship Party Cupcakes With Free Printables

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These pirate cupcakes inspired in Bucky from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates are easy to make, all you have to do is download the printable pirate cupcake toppers and liners. Pirate ship cupcake for pirate party. Free printables!We recently threw a fun pirate and princess party for my kids; having a boy and a girl this was the perfect theme.  Although I have to say I think my daughter likes pirates more than princesses.  For this party I came up with the idea of turning the cupcakes into pirate ships.  I was inspired by Jake and the Never Land pirates from Disney Junior and my husband designed this super awesome pirate ship cupcake to look like Bucky, Jake’s magic, living pirate ship.

Pirate ship cupcake for pirate party. Free printables!

Making these pirate ship cupcakes could not be any easier you just have to download the FREE printable cupcake toppers and lines HERE.  I have included everything you will need to make these pirate ship cupcakes as well as a small pirate skull and crossbones which you can use either as a cupcake topper or to decorate your pirate goodie bags.

Pirate ship cupcake for pirate party. Free printables!

Make sure you print it in card stock.  Once you have cut out the sails cut a small hole at the near the top and bottom center of each of the striped sails and pass a long toothpick through them. With your fingers softly fold them so that they curve outwards.  Using white glue  glue the black pirate flag at the top and place a drip of glue in each place where the toothpick goes throughout the white and blue sails so that they do not loose their curved shape and stay in place.

Pirate ship cupcake for pirate party. Free printables!

While the sails dry glue together both ends of the cupcake liner.  For the cupcakes I used a boxed cake and store-bought chocolate frosting.  After putting the frosting on the cupcake I carefully slipped the cupcake inside the ship cupcake liner and insert the sails in the center of your cupcake and your pirate ship is ready to sail!  Place the cupcakes over blue tissue paper or on a blue table cover to make it look like your fleet of pirate ship cupcakes is sailing across the ocean.

Pirate party dress up and pirate ship cupcakes

Pirate Party Ideas

For this party we also organized a pirate treasure hunt, my kids wore their pirate costumes and we gave everyone foam pirate swords that we got a Target for $2 along with pirate hats.  You can find a lis of all the fun pirate inspired activities including a pirate ship craft complete with a pirate ship race on my original post HERE.

Pirate party free printables

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9 thoughts on “Pirate Ship Party Cupcakes With Free Printables”

  1. What a awesome idea for cupcakes. This will be such a hit at my twin grandsons’ birthday party. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Paula, I loved the pirate ship cupcake idea. My twin grandsons will be so excited to see them at their birthday party. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  3. Thank you very much for this fantastic idea and the printable resources. I made the cupcakes this weekend for my step-son’s pirate-themed birthday party and they looked really great!
    Your website is also an excellent idea. I haven’t had a chance to look through yet (as I’ve been focusing on the birthday party preparations), but will do – my kids are not growing up bilingual, but trilingual; but I’m sure there are lots of useful tips on your site…
    Thank you again and good luck for your future projects, trips and bilingual parenting experiences!

  4. Thank you so much for the printable cupcake wrappers! I will definitely be using these for my twins’ “mermaids and pirates” themed bday party next month. Thank you!!!


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