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Latinas in Tech CareersIt is projected that there will be 1.4 million computer science jobs in 2020. Americans will fill less than 29% of these jobs, and there isn’t even any data on how many of these Americans will be Latinos.[1] Not only that, but technology and computing careers are among the highest paid. And because technology drives innovation and development, jobs in technology-related fields have some of the highest satisfaction rates.[2] Additionally, technology is part of everything we do, so studying a technology-related career will provide you with knowledge that may give you a competitive advantage in whatever field you choose.

Latinos are some of the fastest adopters of new technologies, over-indexing on the use of smartphones and social media, and we’re more likely than our peers to own the latest smartphone or tech gadget.[3] Latinos’ increasing interest in tech and lagging numbers in the tech workforce open the doors for some great opportunities for Latinos in the technology field. Technology can be leveraged to solve the real needs of consumers, and this is where having a Hispanic background makes you unique and makes you stand out. You can speak to the booming Hispanic market from a place of understanding, because you are part of that booming Hispanic market. You can bring solutions that take into account the Latino culture and the Spanish language and that makes you invaluable for many companies looking to reach and serve the Latino consumer.

Here are 5 leading technology-related career areas that Latinos can excel at:

Business Systems Analysis

Business systems analysis combines information technology and business knowledge in the design of more efficient and better computer systems and processes. A key responsibility for Business Systems Analysts is recognizing and understanding the client’s needs, and with Latinos making up 17% of the U.S. population and companies in all fields trying to reach them, having insights into the Latino consumer will have many advantages.[4] If you are looking for this job, here you may check business systems analyst opportunities.

Information Systems Security

Analysts in the Information System Security field keep data and systems safe from cyber attacks. Assessing the vulnerability of sites and planning steps to prevent company and government data from being tampered with or stolen is a big part of their job. Having a different perspective culturally and linguistically can be a great asset in this field as it gives you the flexibility to look at challenges and search for security solutions from a fresh and different angle.

Web Development

Use your creativity and your love for design and combine these with coding to create websites. Web development is a process that starts with finding out what the client wants to accomplish with their website and creating a visually pleasing and efficient website that responds to the business needs of the client. More and more brands and businesses want to reach the Latino market online, so Latino web developers who are sensitive to design elements that are culturally appealing to Hispanics and who are familiar with both the Spanish and English languages will really stand out.

Software Engineering

The ideal job for creative people who love innovation, software engineers help design the technology that we use every day to make our lives easier – from apps that keep us entertained to security software that keeps our information safe. As a software engineer or developer, you get to create new programs as well as maintain and update existing software. Software engineers are often natural problem solvers, creative people who think outside the box and possess strong analytical skills. Spanish language skills and insights into the Latino culture will be especially valuable to companies creating software with Latino users in mind.


Programmers write code in a variety of computer languages and tell computers what to do; they translate software programs designed by developers and engineers. With less than 3% Latinos in the technology field the need for Latino programmers is clear. And if you know Spanish, that will open even more doors for you and make you a valuable asset for any company.


If you’re interested in a tech career, your culture may open more doors for you because it sets you apart and gives you a unique set of skills. Additionally, you don’t need years of experience to be successful in the tech field; you just need the right training. You can study for many tech careers online, which makes achieving success in the tech field even more attainable.

I’m compensated by University of Phoenix for this blog. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections – 2011-2020.

[2] 2014 Jobs Rated report by CareerCast



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