Thanksgiving: 10 Books About Gratitude in Spanish

1. Gracias * Thanks (Bilingual)
Author: Pat Mora
Ilustrations by John Parra

Gracias / Thanks (English and Spanish Edition) is a beautifully illustrated bilingual book about a young boy who gives thanks for the simple things in his life and for the people who enrich it. From the sun waking him up in the morning to a cricket chirping him to sleep at night. The book’s poetic writing flows in English in one page and Spanish on the next page and the boy himself appears to be bicultural with a blond, fair skinned mother and a Latino father. The author’s endnote challenges readers to list the things for which they are thankful. This book will surely inspire children to consider their own blessings.

2. I’m Thankful For Each Day * Doy Gracias Por Cada Dia (Bilingual)
Written and Illustrated by P.K Hallinan

I’m Thankful Each Day!/Doy Gracias Cada Dia! (Spanish Edition) is the perfect introduction to thankfulness it two languages. This bilingual book’s

3. Rubber Shoes: A Lesson in Gratitude * Los zapatos de goma: una lección de gratitude (Bilingual)

Author: Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri
Illustrations by Lina Safar
Rubber Shoes: A Lesson in Gratitude / Los zapatos de goma: una lección de gratitud

You can read a complete review of “Rubber Shoes: A Lesson in Gratitude / Los zapatos de goma: una lección de gratitude” HERE.

4. Magali: Una Leyenda Azteca Sobre LA Buena Fortuna* Magali: an Aztec Legend About Good Fortune (Bilingual)
Author: Patricia Petersen
Illustrations by Sheila Petersen

Magali: Una Leyenda Azteca Sobre LA Buena Fortuna/an Aztec Legend About Good Fortune (Cuentos En Dos Idiomas.)
is a bilingual story about the goldsmith’s newborn son who is to be blessed by Magali, the town’s wise woman. She performs the rites of passage and mysterious offerings to the gods in an elegant Aztec house.

5. Un Regalo de Gracias: La Leyenda de la Altagracia (Spanish)
Author: Julia Alvarez
Illustrations by Beatriz Vidal

Un regalo de gracias: La leyenda de la Altagracia (Spanish Edition)
tells the story of Maria and a beautiful reacreation of the legendary origin of the Dominican virgin of Altagracia. After their olive crop fails, Maria fears that her family will have to abandon their farm on the new island colony. Then, one night she dreams of a mysterious and beautiful lady shrouded by trees with branches hung with hundreds of little suns. They are oranges like the ones Maria’s parents once ate in their homeland, Valencia, Spain. That very day, Maria and her family plant the seeds that soon yield a magnificent orange grove and save the farm. But who was the mysterious lady who appeared in her dream and will Maria ever find her again to say gracias? This is a story about the importance of giving thanks that will inspire young readers.

6. Little Critter: Tan agradecido (Spanish)
Written and Illustrated by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter: Just So Thankful (Spanish edition): Little Critter: Tan agradecido
is a great book in Spanish to teach children about the value of non-material things. There’s a new kid in town who has everything Little Critter wants — a Super Streak scooter, his own cell phone, and even a limousine! But Little Critter soon realizes that he has something money cannot buy — a family who loves and adores him.

7. Pavo Por La Cena De Gracias? No, Gracias! (Spanish)
Author: Alma Flor Ada
Illustrations by Vivi Escriva

Pavo Por La Cena De Gracias? No, Gracias! / Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner? No Thanks! (Cuentos Para Todo El Ano / Stories the Year ’round) (Spanish Edition) is a really cute story reminiscent of Charlotte’s Web. When the turkey overhears a conversation about how fat and tasty he will be on Thanksgiving, he loses his own appetite. Fortunately, he meets a young spider who remembers that her grandmother’s great grandmother once saved a young pig’s life. The spider, then, sets out to find a way to save the turkey. If you love animals, this is the perfect Thanksgiving book en español!!!

8. El primer Día de Accion de Gracias (Spanish)
Author: Amy White
Illustrations by: Karylin Siegler
El primer Dia de Accion de Gracias (Guided Reading F: Facil De Leer/Easy to Read) (Spanish Edition) (Facil de Leer: Level F)
is the perfect Spanish book for beginning readers to learn about the history behind celebrating Thanksgiving as a holiday. This book explains how the pilgrims reached America, the difficulties they had, who helped them, and finally, how they gave thanks for everything they received.

9. Gracias el Pavo de Thanksgiving (Spanish)

Author: Joy Cowley
Illustrations by Joe Cepeda

Gracias el Pavo de Thanksgiving (Mariposa / Butterfly) (Spanish Edition)
is a heartwarming holiday story will inspire readers to give thanks for family, community, and friendship. When Papa sends a turkey to be fattened up for Thanksgiving, Miguel takes a liking to the friendly bird. Soon, Miguel and Gracias are going everywhere together. But Gracias isn’t a pet-he’s supposed to be a meal! With a little help from Abuelito, Abuelita, and Tia Rosa will Miguel be able to keep Gracias off the Thanksgiving table? There is also an Enligh version with Spanish beginning words: Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey (Scholastic Bookshelf: Holiday)

10. Squanto y el Primer Dia de Accion de Gracias (Spanish)
Author: Joyce K. Kessel
Illustrations by Lisa Donze

Squanto y el Primer Dia de Accion de Gracias (Yo Solo Festividades) (Spanish Edition) tells the story of the first Thanksgiving. when the Pilgrims landed near Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620 they were unprepared for the challenges they would face. Many Pilgrims died until Squanto, a Patuxet Indian, taught them how to survive. To give thanks for a good year, the Pilgrims threw a huge feast, later called Thanksgiving.

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