The Famous Miami Beach Lifeguard Towers

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Miami Beach lifeguard towers funky colorful funSpanning an eight and a half mile stretch of beach 25 life guard towers look over the waters of Miami Beach.  Each one boasts bright and fun colors and funky designs, all different yet all coming together to provide on of the busiest beaches in Florida not only with safety but also with a unique character and personality.

Miami Beach lifeguard towers funky colorful funI travel to Miami a lot and have to admit that until recently when I visited Miami Beach I thought only about it’s ArtDeco architecture, it’s countless restaurants and night life. I usually don’t give a second thought to the beach as it’s generally crowded and has more of a party vibe, something I would have probably enjoyed in my twenties but that is no longer the kind of environment I am looking for.

Miami Beach lifeguard towers funkyOn my last trip to Miami Beach after taking a walk along Ocean Drive at dusk I decided to walk on the beach instead.  I had seen the lifeguard towers before, one or two of them at a time and had seen them in magazines and real estate advertisements but they had not spoken to me before.  As I walked along the beach while the light faded and the clouds turned all shades of pink, salmon and yellow I really got to enjoy and appreciate these iconic structures.  Soon I found myself picking up my pace hoping the see the next one and wondering how many I would get to see and photograph before the light of the sun faded completely.

Miami Beach lifeguard towers funky colorful fun

On beaches everywhere lifeguard towers as used as meeting places and gathering points, also acting as important landmarks but the lifeguard towers of Miami Beach go well beyond that acting as icons and making the beach come to life with their bright colors and reflecting the personality of Miami Beach. Most of the lifeguard towers where designed by Architect William Lane after Hurricane Andrew, I am sure that when he donated his design services he never imagined that the towers would become a symbol of Miami Beach.


The next time I am in Miami I am hoping to make some time to walk along Miami Beach at dawn to catch the sunrise behind the lifeguard towers and get to capture photographs of them in a totally different light.  If you are in the area don’t miss the lifeguard towers in Miami Beach, a true symbol of the spirit of Miami Beach.

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. Miami is awesome. Their beaches are beautiful. I was down there in the early 70’s. Loved the beaches. That is when my daughter Marie Baker happened. Beautiful memories of those days. Miami does have a lot of exciting nightlife. As you said though, I am past the party years in that manner.


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