Vi and Va: Dolls That Value The Latino Culture

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Vi and Va Latino dollsI am excited to share with you the new Vi and Va fashion doll line inspired by Latino cultures.  Vi and Va (pronounced like Viva!) are two teenage sisters: Viviana (Vi) and Valentina (Va) who along with their best friends and cousins Felicia and Roxxi where created with idea of having Latina girls honor and embrace their heritage. For these girls, every day is an adventure and a reason to celebrate the bonds of family and friendship. Vi and Va, along with their best friends, cousins Felicia and Roxxi, were created to help girls honor and embrace their heritage.  The themes and storytelling within the line focuses on both family and culture.  The 4 main characters are not just friends, they are also family and the dolls reinforce the importance of family by also including a la abuela on the story line.

Vi and Va Latino dolls

What makes these dolls different is that they are showing Latina girls that their culture is valuable and important and that their heritage is something to be proud of.  It’s those little details that make the difference like Va’s tray of freshly baked empanadas and her abuela’s book of recetas or Vi’s clothes where you can clearly recognize the influence of pre-Columbian cultures in the geometric prints and her classical guitarra (instead of the usual electric guitar).  I also love that in Vi and Va’s family many different skin colors and are represented reflecting the diverse world we live in. Vi and Va, the main characters both have darker skin than most dolls out there and dark hair as well while their cousins Roxxi and Felicia have lighter skin and Felicia is blonde.   

Vi and Va Latina dolls

The first thing that my daughter noticed when she saw the dolls where the empanadas and she was thrilled to find something that she could identify with.  As we talked more about Vi and Va and their family she felt more and more similarities with our own family and I could see her excitement growing.  

The Importance Of Dolls That Reflect And Celebrate Diversity

It’s very important to take into account diversity and culture when choosing toys for our children as toy choices can help them not only understand and accept different races, traditions, cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and ways of life but also will help them embrace and understand their own ethnic and cultural background.

Vi and Va Latina dolls

Dolls that not only reflect diversity but also highlight culture help girls gain curiosity for different cultures and ways of life.  Additionally when the dolls reflect  and cerebrate the girl’s own ethnicity and race they can improve their self-esteem and self-perception helping them feel proud of their ethnic makeup.

An environment with toys that provide opportunities to explore cultural diversity will help kids start important conversations about differences, and provides the setting for introducing activities about differences and creating fair and inclusive communities.

Vi and Va Latina dolls

When our kids where younger we struggled with finding toys that “talked” in Spanish and books about the characters they liked in Spanish. Now that they are older it’s hard to find dolls or other toys that reflect diversity and our Latino heritage and  that is why I really value companies who are offering dolls options like the Vi and Va dolls.

You can check out the Vi Va dolls website, like the Vi Va dolls Facebook page and follow @ViandVa onTwitter to learn more about these Latino inspired dolls.

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  1. I really like all of the different skin and hair color options in the Vi and Va line. It is hard to find dolls that look like my daughter and nieces.


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