Shucos: Guatemalan Inspired Latin Hot Dog Recipe

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shucos Guatemalan hot dogs recipe

In Guatemala, where I grew up, street hot dog vendors have turned the regular hot dog into a delicious creation that brings together the flavors of the American hot dog with Guatemalan ingredients like guacamole, chorizo, ham and special sauces.  The shuco started out on the streets of Guatemala City; there was a shuco hot dog cart outside a popular private school for boys and soon shuco hot dog carts started popping out all over the city. When I was in school we had a couple of Shuco hot dog carts  across the street and now Shucos have become a traditional dish considered as chapín (guatemalan) as the red tamales or the ceviche.

shucos Guatemalan hot dogs recipe

When I was asked to write about the New Heinz® Yellow Mustard and create a recipe  my mind suddenly took me back to those years when we would get together with a group of friends around a shuco cart after school and I knew I had to share this Guatemalan street food with you.

shucos Guatemalan hot dogs recipe


shucos Guatemalan hot dogs recipe
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Shucos: Guatemalan Inspired Hot Dogs

Cuisine Latino
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Author Cesar Diaz


  • hot dog buns
  • your favorite beef franks
  • chorizo
  • freshly made guacamole
  • sour kraut
  • Heinz Yellow Mustard
  • Heinz Ketchup
  • mayo
  • your favorite hard cheese
  • pico de gallo
  • jalapeños
  • cilantro
  • chimichurri sauce


  1. Heat the buns on the grill or the oven until they are golden brown
  2. Grill the sausages and chorizo
  3. Slather a big spoon full of guacamole on the bread, add a sausage or chorizo and pile high with your Favorite ingredients.
  4. Top it off with a good amount of Heinz Yellow Mustard and some Heinz Ketchup
  5. Accompany with a stack of paper napkins!

In my humble opinion mustard can make or break a good hot dog recipe and this is specialty true with shucos. We already use Heinz Ketchup at home all the time and where delighted with the great taste of Heinz Yellow Mustard. And if you think about it’s no wonder since Heinz has been making food taste good for almost 150 years and are now applying that expertise to mustard; ensuring it tastes better by using a secret blend of spices and vinegar for the perfect balance of flavor and tang. Made with 100% natural ingredients, including stone-ground mustard seeds, this is a product I can feel good about. 

shucos Guatemalan hot dogs recipe

Shucos can be made anyway you want some of my favorite ingredients are: chorizo, beef sausage, pico de gallo, onions, jalapeños,guacamole, saucer kraut and of coarse all of them with Heinz Yellow Mustard.  Shucos in Guatemala are also made adding other ingredients like ham, longanizas (Guatemalan spiced sausages), bacon, chicken and other ingredients.  I also like to make chimichurri sauce which is Argentinian and pairs perfectly with the chorizo, but basically shucos can be done any way you want: just pile up your favorite ingredients into that hot dog bun!

As I bite into my first shuco the flavors and textures of the grilled sausage, the smooth guacamole and the tangy flavor of Heinz Yellow Mustard come together in my mouth igniting an explosion of memories from my teenage years.  When you get a chance to make this recipe I really hope you enjoy the shucos as much as I do and if you ever visit Guatemala make sure to look for the shuco carts and try one!

shucos Guatemalan hot dogs recipe

You can find the Heinz Yellow Mustard right next to the Heinz Ketchup. I got both at my local Walmart but they are available at other grocery stores. Try it today with America’s Favorite Ketchup®.   

Heinz Yellow Mustard

I shared how I like to use Heinz Yellow Mustard in my recipe, and now I want to know how you use it! What’s your favorite dish to use mustard with?

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10 thoughts on “Shucos: Guatemalan Inspired Latin Hot Dog Recipe”

    • The bread is all wrong. A normal hot dog bun from Wal-Mart does not do justice to the sublime culinary orgasm that is a Shuco de Liceo. And don’t get me started on elote loco.

  1. En Venezuela les decimos “Perros calientes” una traducción literal del inglés ja ja, también se consiguen por todos lados en puestos callejeros, sobre todo en Caracas. Yo le hago mucho a mis hijos, pero nunca los había visto con el pan tostado y con tanta variedad de aderezos – ¡pero la mostaza Heinz siempre presente!-

  2. Me encanta la idea de incorporar nuestra cultura a platillos que podrían decirse que son “americanos” por tradición. De seguro preparo los hot dogs con esta variante este fin de semana.

  3. que ricos!! no sabia que asi se llamaban 🙂 i love adding different toppings to my hot dogs. one of my favourite things is to put cranberry goat cheese ontop!!

  4. Si en Lugar de pan lo pones en tortilla es muy similar a las Mixtas de Guate. Yo las hago para mi familia gringa
    Y led en anta


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