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Falling In Love With the Nubble Light House

Nubble light house, one of the most picturesque light houses in Maine.

Nubble light house, one of the most picturesque light houses in Maine.

When I think of Maine the first thing that comes to mind are rugged seashores and lighthouses.  These beacons of light and hope standing tall atop cliffs or rocky islands, taking on the stormy seas and calling sailors home have always awakened my curiosity. Since this was my first trip to New England visiting some picturesque lighthouses was certainly at the top of my to-do list.  There are more than 60 of them along the Maine shoreline and many of them are accessible to the public.

Nubble light house, visiting with friends from New England.

Visiting the Nubble light house with friends from New England.

I was in Maine for only a short time so when it came to picking which lighthouse to visit I decided to head to Cape Neddick Light. One of the most beautiful and certainly more photographed light houses, Cape Neddick Light, knows also as the Nubble Light house sits on a small rocky island, just 300 feet from the shore. Built in1879 Nubble Light is a true symbol of Main. Pictures of the Nubble Light house can be found everywhere from jigsaw puzzles to space, yes a picture of the Nubble Light house was sent out on Voyager II space probe, launched in 1977 in the hope of finding extraterrestrial life, to represent all earthly lighthouses.

Nubble Light house fishermen

Fishermen spend the day on the rocky shores in front of the Nubble Light Statin.

Standing in front of the Nubble Light and listening to the waves crash on the rocks as I watched it out there by itself, a symbol of hope and safety for so many sailors I just fell in love with it.  I have never been much of a light house person, I used to think they where just interesting structures, their clean lines and basic colors appealed to me as an architect but I had never before quite understood why so many people find them so fascinating until now.  There is just something about lighthouses that transports you back in time.  Standing out there on the most lonely outposts saving lives on the rugged coast lines.  The beauty of the remote landscape, paired with the crisp sea air and what the light house stands for: hope, safety and coming back home just gets to you and finds a special place in your heart.

Nubble light house, one of the most picturesque light houses in Maine.

Nubble light house, view from afar.

Getting There

The Nubble Light is located in coastal York, Maine on the Cape Neddick Peninsula. Driving on Nubble Rd you will immediately see Nubble Light as you enter Sohier Park. There is ample parking, a small gift shop and restrooms.

About the author

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

Paula moved from her native Guatemala to SW Florida with her husband and two children and together they are discovering what it means to live life between two languages.

Paula studied architecture who now makes a living as a freelance writer, traveler and amateur photographer. She started her writing & publishing career as the editor of Bebé y Mamá, the first parenting magazine in Guatemala. She is the founder of www.GrowingUpBilingual.com and www.365thingsswfl.com and writes articles in Spanish and English for both magazines and the web on travel, food and bicultural and bilingual parenting .

When she is not on a plane or road trip she likes to create recipes inspired in the flavors of her native Guatemala.

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  1. Jhady

    What a nice lighthouse and the place looks so relaxing. I would love to go fishing on that area too or maybe go swimming.
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  2. Nova S

    its always probably a nice thing to see a light house and yes that light house makes things looks even better.
    Nova S recently posted…#ProductReview: Products from ATTITUDE little ones 3 in 1 SHAMPOO BODY WASH CONDITIONERMy Profile

  3. Hitch-Hikers Handbook

    Beautiful place and great photos as well! If you like photography, we would like to invite you to participate in the next edition of our Travel Photography Competition. Every week we publish 3 winning shots on our website and write a nice bio with a link to the photographers’ websites/FB/G+/Flickr pages etc.
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    Take care, Paula!
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