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The Secret Life Of Pets Road Trip Games – Free Printables

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mott’s®. The opinions and text are all mine. #MottsMovieBonus
kid with printable maze

This easy to make lunch box inspired by The Secret Life Of Pets, an upcoming movie, and is perfect for taking healthy snacks on the road. This DIY lunch box includes road trip games inspired by The Secret Life of Pets characters that will keep your kids entertained while on the road.

It’s that time of year.  The kids are off of school and you are diligently planning your vacation. With all the news lately about TSA delays at the airport and air fare which never, ever, seems to go down, you might be planning some road trips. Our big Latino family and friends are spread far and wide, and with the extra time over summer break we fully intend on becoming Road Warriors and visiting everyone we can. That means several hours of being cooped up, in a car, with kids that get progressively more bored as the miles fly by.

To keep some sanity on our road trips, or yours, you’ll need to pack a few things like games and snacks for the kids. The snacks need to be tasty, healthy and car trip friendly and the games fun and compact so they don’t get lost in the car. Good news, I have just the solution for your kid friendly, road trip game / snack box needs. Mott’s® and I teamed up to bring you a “road trip box” loaded with healthy Mott’s snacks and drinks, because even a long road trip is no reason to forego healthy eating habits!

kids with printable maze 2

If your children have seen the commercials about the upcoming movie, The Secret Life of Pets, they will be particularly excited about this Roadtrip Box. The metal lunchbox I am using will be themed after the movie and it includes two games that kids can play using magnetized pieces, to make it easier to keep all the play pieces together and on the “board” I created, with free printables.

The first game is on the outside of the metal lunchbox and is a maze with the character Snowball from the movie. Your child can guide Snowball through the maze to retrieve the healthy carrot snack at the end. The second game is a classic tic-tac-toe on the inside of the box’s lid using the characters Gidget and Max from the movie. The roadtrip box wouldn’t be complete without being packed with healthy Mott’s snacks like Mott’s Applesauce cups and Mott’s Applesauce pouches as well as the Mott’s Juice 8oz 6 pack.

Lunch Box Pics printalbes

To make your Road Trip Box you will need

materials for DIY printables

Tic tac toe printable


  • Download the printable HERE
  • Print the games on white card stock.
  • Cut the the maze and the tic tac toe games.
  • Apply Mod Podge on the back of each game and glue one game on each side of the metal lunch box’s lid using.
  • Print the Secret Life of Pets characters on the card stock.
  • Cut the characters along the dotted line.
  • Cut circles from the magnet sheet the same size as the circles where the characters are printed.
  • Brush a small amount of Mod Podge on the front part of your printed sugar character.
  • Put your epoxy cabochon on top of the paper and twist it around to coat well and make sure you have Mod Podge everywhere.
  • Turn it around and while holding the paper in place use a ruler or a credit card to squeeze out any excess Mod Podge and to remove any air bubbles. You can also use a squeegee.
  • Apply Mod Podge to the back of characters you already clued onto the epoxy domes and glue to the front of the magnet sheet circles.
  • Let the Mod Podge dry.
  • Use the character magnets to play the games on the lunch box.

Mott's at Walmart

My kids were just thrilled with these magnet road trip games and they were so easy to make. I really liked that they are part of the lunch box where they bring their snacks so everything has a place and we don’t end up with game pieces everywhere in the car.

The Secret Life Of Pets road trip fun box wouldn’t be complete without being packed with healthy Mott’s snacks like Mott’s Applesauce cups and Mott’s Applesauce pouches as well as the Mott’s Juice 8oz 6 pack which you can purchase at Walmart.

Printable maze at Mott's

If you plan on packing healthy Mott’s treats in your road trip box, make sure to purchase any 3 Mott’s Juices or Applesauces to Receive a Free Childs Ticket here and details (Mott’s on pack offer) for The Secret Life of Pets and Purchase any 5 Mott’s Juices or Applesauces to Receive an additional $8 movie voucher here and details. Also make sure to look for the newest flavor variety Apple Cherry, it’s delicious!

registration for movie ticket

Participating on the Ticket redemption

instructions ticket

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  1. Gilda Campos

    Que linda idea para los niños!. A mi nena le encanta este jugo y esta idea me encanta para el regreso a clases. Gracias.

  2. catchphrase

    great ideas, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Teresa Garza

    Wow… Está fabuloso para los niños… y espero con ansia ver la película. Me encantan las animaciones.
    Teresa Garza recently posted…Viste los colores de tu equipo. #CopaAmérica #JCPenneyMy Profile

  4. Silvia

    Nada como juegos, actividades y snacks para mantener a los niños ocupados mientras viajamos. Muy buenas ideas.
    Silvia recently posted…Turkey Bacon Chipotle BurgersMy Profile

  5. Wanda Lopez

    What a brilliant idea. I remember our last trip, it got cancelled twice and the girls were bored to death. Wish we had this game with us.
    Wanda Lopez recently posted…Easter in June & Rich Chocolate Chip CookiesMy Profile

  6. Diana Rodriguez - Compras y Hogar

    Bella idea para llevar en las tardes de verano!
    Diana Rodriguez – Compras y Hogar recently posted…Rutina de NocheMy Profile

  7. Maybelline

    Me encantó la idea de la lonchera! So Clever!
    Maybelline recently posted…11 Beneficios de las Semillas de ChiaMy Profile

  8. Natalia Carter

    Super buenos esos juegos para los niños. Así se entretienen en los viajes.
    Natalia Carter recently posted…Menú ejecutivo: Receta de Lentejas con chorizoMy Profile

  9. S.Yissele

    No puedo esperar a ver la movie, me encanto la Caja y todo Lo que contiene, gracias por Los imprimibles 👍😉😃
    S.Yissele recently posted…La Película “ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING” ya en DVD este 28 de Junio. Sorteo.My Profile

  10. Adriana Hogar Mujer

    Que buenisima idea para mantener a los pekes entretenidos, lo voy a hacer con mis niños gracias por la idea.
    Adriana Hogar Mujer recently posted…10 Usos para el Agua de Hamamelis o Witch HazelMy Profile

  11. le Monde d'Is

    thanks a lot for sharing! i posted this here: https://fr.pinterest.com/lmi4kids/the-secret-life-of-pets-comme-des-b%C3%AAtes/

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