5 Ways to Show Your Mom You Care, This Mother’s Day and Any Day

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Culvers Mother's Day

My mother is such a special person, she is one those Latina moms who puts family before everything, even before herself. She moved to the US in her 20’s and she has worked hard all of her life to make sure that my brother and I had everything. Now that I have kids she is the best grandmother. She always knows just what to say to make things better and you can always count on her to be there for you, even in the worst of times.

Culvers Mother's Day

My mom is one of the strongest women I know, and I have learned a lot from her. She’s been through a lot but she never complains, she just keeps on going and makes the best of any situation. Last year the house we were renting was damaged by hurricane Irma. My mom took my family into her home and we’ve been living there for over 6 months now as we save to build our own home.

Culvers Mother's Day

One of the most important things I have learned from my mom is that spending time with the people you love is more important than anything. She’s always doing nice things for us and surprising the kids with small gifts or by cooking something special. That is why we wanted to treat her to a special day by spending time with her and taking her out to eat at Culver’s. The kids also picked a beautiful card for abuelita and some orchids, her favorite.

Culvers Mother's Day

We had a great time at Culver’s enjoying a meal together. I really like that Culver’s restaurants are welcoming and family-friendly and I really love their warm ambiance. The food is great and the great variety in the menu makes it easy to order something everyone in the family will enjoy. The menu is cooked-to order, meaning they don’t start cooking your meal until after you’ve ordered it. This means you can order your meals exactly how you want them, so everyone gets their food just the way the like it! We’re so glad we decided to go to Culver’s because it’s such a great place to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Culvers Mother's Day

I ordered the Pretzel Haus Pub Burger with two kinds of real Wisconsin Cheddar layered with Midwest beef and crispy bacon, pickled onions and Culver’s Bistro Sauce. Culver’s burgers are made with fresh, never frozen, Wisconsin beef and you can really tell as the flavor is just fresh and delicious: this is the way a burger should be and the buttered pretzel bun really takes this burger to another level.

Culvers Mother's Day

My son ordered the chicken tenders, which were crispy and delicious and my mom and dad had the North Atlantic Cod Dinner, fresh and crispy fish with fries accompanied with a delicious tartar sauce. My daughter had the grilled Reuben melt along with some cheese curds, her favorites!

Culvers Mother's Day

We also ordered the deliciously refreshing lemon ice, I think I’m addicted! It was so good!

Showing mom that you appreciate her doesn’t mean you have to strain your budget, it’s about spending time together. Here are 5 ways to show your mom or grandma how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day and any day!

Culvers Mother's Day

    1. Treat her out to eat with the family, it doesn’t have to be fancy it’s just about picking a place where she loves to eat and spending time around the table with the family.
    2. Buy her flowers or better yet get her a potted plant with her favorite flowers, they will last longer!
    3. Buy her a card or make her one and be sure to write down all the reasons why she is so special!
    4. Thank her when she does something nice for you or your family, don’t wait for it to be a special occasion. Let her know that you notice the small things that she does every day!
    5. Give her a call or visit her just because and take the time to really listen to her and make her the center of your attention.

Culvers Mother's Day

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21 thoughts on “5 Ways to Show Your Mom You Care, This Mother’s Day and Any Day”

  1. These are great ideas! I wish we had Culver’s where I live. Looks delicious and looks like you all had fun!

  2. Spending time with the people you love is the most important thing! Those memories will stay forever. I didn’t know culivers had a pretzel burger. I’m now hungry to try that. Looks like that’s where I’m going for lunch tomorrow.

  3. Congrats on getting this wonderful opportunity! Your mom is very lucky to have you! I am sure you all had a great time! Happy mother’s day 🙂

  4. I love these ideas! Culvers is SO delicious. I think we have one about 30 minutes away from us. We really need to go. We used to have one closer when we lived in Wyoming and went often.

  5. These are such great ideas! This year we are taking my mom out to one of her favorite places and are even going to get her a potted plant!

  6. i saldy will not be with my mom this year for mother’s day so i sent her some flowers for her to get on saturday i think. for some reason sunday wasnt an option. this is a great idea.

  7. I am so excited that Mother’s Day is around the corner. I wish we had a Culver’s near us because I know my mom would love that!

  8. Every mother’s day my mom’s only request is spending time with her. I feel as our parents get older, spending quality is more important than any money in the world.

  9. I love how you mentioned treating your mom somewhere — anywhere really. Sometimes we forget how just spending time with those you love means more than the scenery.

  10. Being from Ireland we don’t have Culver’s here, however last May when on vacation we visited one and it was nice. Your mom sounds a lovely lady and I’m sure spending time with her is the best gift she received.

  11. #HappyMothersDay may you all have a great day and just appreciate having your mom around or even if you are a mother yourself treat yourself to something nice for once 🌮🍹🥂

  12. Quality time with Moms and family are very important. Our Moms doesn’t need this one special day, it should be everyday!
    Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom’s 🙂

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