25 Cute and Easy Easter Cookie Recipes

If you’re looking for the best desserts for Easter, you can’t go wrong with some sweet Easter cookies. Whether you’re making cute sugar cookie chicks, bunny bums, Easter baskets, or bird nests, these delicious Easter treats are not just easy but super fun to make.

25 Easy Easter Cookie Recipes to make with kids
Easy Easter Cookie Recipes to make with kids

Super Cute Easter Cookies to Make This Spring

Baking delicious desserts for Easter and decorating cookies has always been our family tradition. And now that we’re spending so much time at home (since the kids are not going to school), we’re baking cookies every few days.

We’re getting ready to throw a little Easter party, even if it’s just the four of us this year. After an egg hunt in the backyard and having Easter brunch, we’ll decorate cookies and do fun Easter crafts, and maybe we’ll even watch a fun Easter movie later in the day.

25 Cute and Easy Easter Cookie Recipes
Cute and Easy Easter Cookie Recipes

Easy Easter Cookie Recipes

Baking cookies with my kids is a great way to bring joy and sweetness into our daily routine. We’ve already started the Easter cookie-baking marathon, so I decided to compile my favorite easy Easter cookie recipes.

There’s something for everyone here, from easy cookie decorating projects and cookie recipes to cute bunny and chick cookie recipes. These cookies are perfect for adding to the kids’ and adults’ Easter baskets or as an Easter brunch dessert. Yes, I make a basket filled with my favorite sweet Easter treats; don’t judge me.  

1. Easter Basket Cookies– A Bakers House

These Easter basket cookies are more of a cookie decorating project than an actual cookie recipe. You start with egg-shaped sugar cookies, which you can make at home using a basic sugar cookie recipe or buying sugar cookies. 

Easter basket cookies
Easter basket cookies

Decorating these is pretty simple, and there is no need for royal icing. So you can use any icing you prefer, including the time-saving store-bought.  

2. Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies – Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

Filled with delicious frosting, these carrot cake sandwich cookies are not just delicious but also vegan. So if you’re looking for a fantastic vegan Easter cookie recipe, these cookies are it! 

Carrot cake sandwich
Carrot cake sandwich

3. Easter Chick Sugar Cookies – Fun For Little Ones

It doesn’t get much cuter than these chick-sugar cookies. Decorating these is pretty simple, yet the result is so adorable! 

Easter Chick Sugar Cookies
Easter Chick Sugar Cookies

4. No-Bake Coconut Balls – Sustain My Cooking Habit

If you’re looking for a no-bake option, it doesn’t get easier than these delicious coconut balls. Sprinkle with pastel-colored sprinkles, and you have the perfect Easter treat. 

No bake coconut balls
No-bake coconut balls

5. Lemon Drop Cookies – Scrappy Geek

The tanginess of these lemon drop cookies decorated with Easter M&Ms makes them unique yet easy to make. If you like your cookies sweet and zesty, these fit the bill. 

Lemon Drops
Lemon Drop Cookies

6. Easter Double Chocolate Cookies – The Busy Baker

Yes, you read that right, chocolate plus more chocolate. These delicious, decadent and gooey cookies are perfect for chocolate lovers.  

Easter double chocolate cookies
Easter double chocolate cookies

7. Bunny Sprinkle Cookies – The TipToe Fairy

These easy-to-make sugar cookies are super fun and simple for kids to make and decorate. These are sure to become one of your kids’ favorites for sure. 

Bunny Sprinkle Sugar Cookie
Bunny Sprinkle Sugar Cookie

8. Easter Bunny Shortbread Cut-out Cookies – The Monday Box

These cookies are adorable and easy to make. They’re perfect if you’re looking for a cookie recipe that doesn’t require icing and much decorating but is still cute and perfect for any Easter celebration. 

Easter bunny shortbread cutout cookies
Easter bunny shortbread cut-out cookies

9. Easter Cookie Cups – Suburban Simplicity

These Easter cookie cups resemble tiny robin nests and can be filled with tiny chocolate eggs. 

Easy Easter Cookie Cups
Easy Easter Cookie Cups

10. Beautiful Brownie Bunnies – Operation 40k

These brownie bunny faces are so pretty and much easier to make than you would think. They make a truly memorable and festive Easter dessert. 

Beautiful Easter bunny brownies
Beautiful Easter bunny brownies

11. Decorated Easter Egg Oreo Cookies – South Lumina Style

This is another cookie decorating project that is perfect for kids. You start with Easter Oreos, which are egg-shaped, but you can probably use any other egg-shaped cookie or make your own egg-sugar cookies.  

Decorated Easter egg Oreo cookies
Decorated Easter egg Oreo cookies

12. Blondies with M&M’s and Marshmallows – Housewives of Frederick Country

These spring cookie bars make for the perfect Easter dessert and will surely be a hit with the kids. They’re also great for making after Easter if you have some leftover Easter M&Ms or other small chocolate candy.  

spring sugar cookie bars
Spring sugar cookie bars

13. Easter Bunny Sugar Twist Cookies – Moore or Less Cooking

These sugar twist cookies are easy to make with only eight ingredients. Yes, they resemble a bunny silhouette from behind; they are so cute! 

Easter bunny sugar twist cookies
Easter bunny sugar twist cookies

14. Easter Bunny Cut-out Cookies – The Flying Couponer

These cute Easter bunny cut-out cookies are made using a white cake mix. So yes, all you need is a white cake mix box and a few other ingredients like a tiny bunny cookie cutter and frosting. It doesn’t get easier than this! 

Easter Bunny Cut Out Cookies
Easter Bunny Cut-Out Cookies

15. Bunny Bum Cookies – Whispered Inspirations

This Easter, bake up these cute little bunny bums, and I can guarantee your kids will think they are adorable. The best part? They are super simple to make!

Easter bunny bum cookies
Easter bunny butt cookies

16. Bird Nest Meringue Cookies – Saving Dollars and Sense

These meringue nests filled with chocolate frosting and mini Cadbury eggs are a show-stopper. They’re perfect for an Easter party or just as a beautiful Easter brunch dessert. 

meringue birds nest cookies
Meringue birds nest cookies

17. Brownie Blooms – Dancing Through the Rain

These pretty brownie flowers are so easy to make. Just grab your favorite brownie recipe or make some brownies from a box and use a flower cookie cutter and frosting to decorate these fun brownie blooms. 

Brownie Blooms Recipe
Brownie Blooms Recipe

18. Italian Easter Cookies – The Monday Box

There’s nothing quite like Italian cookies. These Italian Easter cookies are slightly sweet with a crunchy sugar icing and a slight citrus flavor. These are also ideal for a care package.

Italian Easter cookies
Italian Easter cookies (Taralli Dolci Di Pasqua)

19. Egg Hunt Blondies – The Anthony Kitchen

Blondies are one of my favorite cookie bars, and these blondies are decorated in such a fun way. The best part is that you can make these from scratch or use a boxed blondie mix from your pantry.  

Egg hunt blondies for Easter
Egg hunt blondies for Easter

20. Lemon Flavored Meringue Cookies – This Mama Cooks

I love meringue cookies and lemon, so it’s no wonder these are one of my favorite spring cookies. These are perfect if you’re looking for a cookie recipe that is not too sweet.  

Lemon Meringue Cookes
Lemon Meringue Cookes

21. Flowerless Soft Almond Cookies – The Monday Box

These flowerless sugar cookies and delicious, plus I love the pastel colors. They are super simple to make and so soft, chewy, and good!  

Flourless soft almont cookies
Flourless soft almond cookies

22. Milano Cookies Easter Eggs – The Monday Box

If you’re looking for cookies to decorate, Milano cookies are a great option. Choose your favorites and turn them into cute decorated Easter eggs. 

Milano Cookie Easter Eggs
Milano Cookie Easter Eggs

23. Lemon Iced Sugar Cookies – Urban Bliss Life

Lemon might just be one of my favorite spring flavors. It’s so refreshing and the perfect flavor for the icing on these sweet and tart sugar cookies. 

Lemon Iced SugarCookies
Lemon Iced SugarCookies

24. Easter Bunny Sugar Cookies – Foodal

These neon-colored Easter bunny sugar cookies are so festive and fun. They are also super simple to make and decorate. 

Cute and Colorful Easter Bunny Cookies
Cute and Colorful Easter Bunny Cookies

25. Coconut Cream Wafer Cookies – Snappy Gourmet

a homemade melt-in-your-mouth cream wafer cookie filled with coconut buttercream! Yummy!

Coconut Cream Wafer Cookie Recipe
Coconut Cream Wafer Cookie Recipe

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