Fun Easter Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Make your morning memorable with these cute breakfast ideas for Easter, perfect for kids. These easy and delicious Easter breakfast recipes for kids are a great way to start your Easter celebrations joyfully. From bunny pancakes and carrot cake waffles to flower-shaped tarts and breakfast muffins, these fun Easter breakfast ideas will bring a festive mood to any table.

Easter Breakfast Recipes for Kids
Fun Easter Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Make Your Morning Special With These Breakfast Ideas For Easter

With Easter just around the corner, my kids are already planning their Easter egg scavenger hunt. But they’ve got to start their morning off the right way. These simple and delicious Easter breakfast ideas are a fun way to start your Easter morning and begin a wonderful family tradition each year.

Easter is the perfect time to sprinkle a little magic into kids’ lives with delicious treats and Easter-themed crafts designed just for them. So I figured a special Easter breakfast for kids is the best way to make beautiful new memories!

Fun Easter Breakfast Ideas for Kids

When I was a kid, my family made a big deal about celebrating the end of Semana Santa (Holy Week) with an Easter brunch full of classics like eggs Benedict, a massive Easter egg hunt, and delicious Easter desserts.

Easter checkerboard cake
Easter checkerboard cake

Plus, my grandma used to make her famous Sangria mocktail and a couple of spring-themed cocktails for the rest of the guests. So I’m always looking for ways to add a touch of fun to any celebration, especially through food and decorations to keep my family’s traditions alive. 

Irresistibly Cute Easter Breakfast Ideas For Kids

We’ve rounded up some of the most delicious and fun Easter breakfast recipes to start Easter morning with a bang! But, of course, these recipes are also perfect for Easter brunch, and with so many different options, you’re sure to find your kid’s new favorite breakfast recipe here! 

Berries And Mango French Toast Casserole – Growing Up Bilingual

This delicious French toast casserole drizzled with chocolate is the perfect way to celebrate Easter! Leave it overnight in the fridge and pop it into the oven in the morning for a quick and fantastic breakfast that will surely please your little ones.

Mango and Berries French Toast Casserole, Easter breakfast ideas
Mango and Berries French Toast Casserole

Carrot Cake Secret Ingredient Waffles– Strenght and Sunshine

A secret ingredient to sneak in more veggies than you thought possible in a delicious breakfast recipe! You can feel good about making gluten-free and vegan carrot cake waffles any day of the week!

Carrot Cake Waffles
Vegan carrot cake waffles

Bunny Oatmeal – Attachment Mummy

Turn a simple oatmeal dish into a fun Easter breakfast for which your kids will go bananas. This oatmeal bunny breakfast is easy to make, and you’re sure to have all these ingredients at home.

Easter breakfast Bunny oatmeal, cute Easter breakfast ideas
Easter breakfast Bunny oatmeal

Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Waffles – Recipes from A Pantry

Your family will love these fluffy, warming Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Waffles. Use your leftover mashed sweet potatoes in these breakfast or brunch waffles and serve them with fruit and maple syrup.

chocolate chip sweet potato waffles with berries
Chocolate chip sweet potato waffles with berries

Blueberry Pancake Casserole – Natalies Health

A perfect dish that the entire family will enjoy! Sweet and fluffy, this pancake casserole is full of fresh fruits and a delicate cinnamon flavor. It is also a healthy breakfast with all-natural ingredients, made with refined sugar-free and whole grains.

Blueberry Pancake Casserole
Blueberry Pancake Casserole

Easter Bunny Breakfast – Maple and Mango

Besides having some adorable Easter bunny pancakes with bacon, Maple and Mango also shares cute sunny-side-up and scrabbled egg bunny breakfast ideas. These will surely be a hit with the kids, no matter what they like for breakfast.

Bacon and egg Easter bunny breakfast
Bacon and egg Easter bunny breakfast

Chick Oatmeal – Attachment Mummy

Add a cute and fun twist to oatmeal and lots of tropical flavors with this adorable mango chick oatmeal plate. And if your kiddo doesn’t like mango, it’s easy to use peach instead.

Easter breakfast chick oatmeal
Easter breakfast chick oatmeal

Cinnamon Roll Bunnies – Ann’s Entitled Life

Cinnamon rolls get a cute Easter makeover with these adorable cinnamon roll bunnies. The best part is that these can be made with refrigerated cinnamon roll dough and are ready in minutes!

cinnamon roll bunnies recipe for Easter
Cinnamon roll bunnies recipe for Easter

Mango Tiramisu Pancakes – Growing Up Bilingual

These mango tiramisu pancakes are like heaven on a plate, and they are perfect if you’re looking for a special breakfast or brunch recipe that will impress kids and adults alike. The taste of cocoa with a slight hint of coffee combined with the layers of sweet mascarpone whipped cream is sublime!

Mango tiramisu pancakes, delicious Easter breakfast ideas for kids
Mango tiramisu pancakes

Blueberry Flower Tarts – Homemade Lovely

Make these cute little flower tarts for Easter breakfast or a spring picnic with the kids. These blueberry tarts are so beautiful; all you need to make them is a flower cookie cutter and a roll of Refrigerated Pie Crust!

Blueberry flower tarts
Blueberry flower tarts

Italian Easter Egg Bread – Foodal

Take traditional Italian Easter bread to the next level with this recipe. Topped with a festive dyed egg, you’ll love the dough mixed with candied fruits, nuts, anise seeds, and lots of colorful sprinkles!

Traditional Italian Easter Bread
Traditional Italian Easter Bread

Egg Muffins With Sausage, Cheddar, and OnionFun Money Mom

Mini egg muffins may be the cutest and most delicious breakfast ever! Full of cheddar, sausages, and hash browns, this easy breakfast recipe will have everyone jumping out of bed!

Egg muffins with sausage, cheddar and onion
Egg muffins with sausage, cheddar, and onion

Strawberry Cream Cheese Fruit Pizza – Growing Up Bilingual

Made with fresh fruit, a soft sugar cookie crust, and strawberry cream cheese spread, this fruit pizza is delicious and beautiful. It is the perfect spring dessert to enjoy on your Easter picnic. This fruit pizza is so easy to make, and it’s my go-to for summer potluck get-togethers and Easter brunch.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Fruit Pizza Recipe
Strawberry Cream Cheese Fruit Pizza Recipe

Berry Stuffed Crescent Rolls – Fun Money Mom

With just four main ingredients, these cream cheese crescent rolls with berries are as easy as they are delicious. A mouthwatering breakfast recipe that it’s also super easy!

berry and cheese stuffed crescent rolls
Berry and cheese stuffed crescent rolls

More Adorable Easter Ideas You’ll Love:

Awesome Easter Candy Platter: 

A great way to share your favorite Easter candy and sweet treats with family and friends! A well-arranged candy tray is a fantastic way to serve sweets beautifully without the extra effort.

Tips for an easy Easter candy platter
Tips for an easy Easter candy platter

Easter Picnic Brunch Ideas And Recipes:

Lots of Easter picnic ideas, recipes, and menu ideas to enjoy with the kids. You can have an Easter picnic at the park or even in your backyard.

Latino inspired summer picnic
Latino-inspired picnic ideas

10 Adorable Easter Desserts:

Whether you enjoy eating candy or grabbing a cute Easter-themed treat, there’s something on this list! These adorable Easter desserts are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.

10 adorable Easter desserts that your kids are sure to love! These would all make the perfect Easter treat for an Easter party!
Adorable Easter desserts, perfect for an Easter party!

Cute And Easy Easter Cupcakes:

From adorable sheep to cute bunnies full of sweetness, here are the best Easter cupcakes to choose your new favorite Easter-themed treats!

easter dessert chick cupcakes
Easter dessert cupcakes

10 Refreshing Spring Mocktails:

These fresh alcohol-free drinks are ideal for an Easter brunch celebration. You’ll find your new favorite brunch drink here with many kid-friendly drinks filled with Spring flavors.

10 Delicious Spring Mocktails
Delicious Spring Mocktails

I’ve rounded up some irresistibly adorable and delicious breakfast ideas for Easter that you can easily do with hardly any fuss. These cute breakfast recipes are also a great addition to any spring-themed brunch or Easter party involving little hands. So make this year’s Easter extra fun with these Easter breakfast ideas that will have your kids hopping for more.

Easter Breakfast Recipes for Kids
Easter Breakfast Recipes for Kids

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