5 Android Apps That Teach Kids Coding and Programing

I have partner with Sprint Latino to share information and resources for parents considering getting their children’s their first wireless phone, however all opinions are my own.

girl with cell phone: Kids first mobile phone

As my kids start school this month we have decided to get my son his own smart phone. After lots of though, lots of reading and getting some great advice and resources from Sprint’s Kids First Phone website we came to the conclusion that they are ready for this new milestone. However, I wasn’t so sure I was ready to spend so much money on new mobile devices until I heard about Sprint’s amazing BOGO offer which means my daughter can get a new phone too! Beginning on Friday, Aug. 5, and for a limited time only well-qualified Sprint customers can Buy One, Get One Free Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

For example, purchase your new phones with 24 monthly installments to get:

  • The first GS7 for $27.09 per month and receive the second GS7 for $0 per month after
  • The first GS7 edge for $31.25 per month and receive the second GS7 edge for $0 per

Both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have a certified water-resistant rating. They repel spills, splashes and even dunks for up to 30 min in 5 feet of water, which means I don’t have to worry about the phone being ruined if they drop it in a toilet at school (we know it’s going to happen!)

Samsung Tab e: a great tablet for back to school

And if you are looking for a great tablet for back to school the Samsung Tab E is an excellent option. For a fraction of what you would pay for other tables the Samsung Tab E has a powerful processor, great 5 megapixel camera and 16MG of RAM, which is more than enough memory for what my kids will be using it for. And you have the option to expand that memory in case you need more. I really like the Samsumg Tab E’s Kids Mode which lets you easily manage what your kids access and how long they spend using it, all while keeping your own documents private.

Android Apps That Teach Elementary Kids Coding and Programing

My son is very interested in robotics and in learning how to code so we are working with his gifted resource teacher to find robotics and coding related projects we can help him with at home. Because his school does not have a full time gifted program we have also enrolled him in a couple of after school enrichment programs including Odyssey of the Mind and Bricks 4 Kidz. This year for the first time he will be spending a lot of time at after school programs and knowing we can call him anytime makes us feel more at ease.

Because this year he will be doing a lot of research and will be learning about coding a smart phone like the Galaxy S7 edge is a great option for when he is out and about while the Samsung Tab E is ideal for using at home. This week we have been busy looking for the best Android apps to foster his love for robotics and encourage him to learn about coding and programing in a fun and engaging way and here are our favorite ones:

5 Android Apps That Teach Kids Coding and Programing

5 Android Apps That Teach Elementary Kids Coding and Programing

  1. Scratch Jr. (available in English and Spanish)

    For kids ages 6-8. Inspired by the popular Scratch programming language Scratch Jr. helps kids learn to code by encouraging to program their own interactive games and stories by snapping together graphic programing blocks. Through the use of math and language kids can control the characters and make them dance, sing and jump and in the process they are learning how to solve problems and design projects. Available in English and Spanish. Get it on Google Play.

  2. The Foos

    For kids 5-10. The Foos are fun characters that you child can program to move, jump and dance and kids can design their own game through the Foos Studio. Children learn coding and programing concepts like sequencing, loops and conditionals through this interactive and engaging game. There are also offline activities which I really liked as it encourages kids to bring the concepts outside of the screen. Get it on Google Play. 

  3. Lightbot and Lightbot Jr – Programing Puzzles (available in English and Spanish)

    Lightbot Jr for kids 4-8 and Lightbot for kids 9-12. This puzzle game motivates children to use programing logic to get to each new level and learn coding concepts including conditionals, procedures and loops along the way. You can play as Boybot or Girlbot. Get Lightbot on Google Play. Get Lightbot Jr on Google Play.

  4. Tynker – Learn to Code

    For kids 9-11. With Tynker kids can learn to program through puzzles and they can also build different games. I really like that this app does not require internet connectivity. Get it on Google Play.

  5. Run Marco (available in English and Spanish)

    For kids 6-12. Run Marco is a great options for kids who like adventure games. Kids have to guide Marco through a jungle as he tries to discover himself by using visual instructions. Get it on Google Play.

[important]Take advantage of Sprint’s BOGO offer. For more details on GS7, GS7 edge and this offer, please visit www.sprint.com/gs7, call 1-800- Sprint1 or visit your local Sprint store.[/important]

5 Android Apps That Teach Kids Coding and Programing

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  1. I love the apps. My daughter is in gifted too. They do offer a full day in a gifted classroom. But, she loves technology and I am liking those apps, a lot. It’s wonderful to see so many options for kids with more technology interests.

  2. I was only looking for Halloween or Day Of The Dead activities or projects and I stumbled on to this site and ,I can only say “wounderful”,please pander to me with new info…whatever it may be.Please! CFK.

  3. That’s a great list of android apps which you have shared to teach coding for kids. As we know kids spend most of their time playing with different apps & games, it’s a perfect way to educate them about the basic concepts of computer programming. When kids learn to code they not only develop their critical thinking but also create better opportunities for the future. TechyKids Canada provide various coding for kids courses & programs which make learning of coding kids a lot more fun & interactive. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog with us.

  4. Such an interesting list of apps helping kids to learn coding. It’s very important to provide kids with the knowledge of technology because in coming years it will be considered as basic literacy just like reading and writing. Thanks for sharing the list, it very useful!


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