Sing With Señor: Learn Spanish With Music

Sing With Señor was a real treat for our family.  We all love music and try to listen to music in Spanish as much as we can but there are not many options that are both child friendly, fun and educational and Sing With Señor is all of these. The music has a definite South … Read more

Personalized Music for Kids in Spanish from La Totuga

I have shared before how music has really improved my children’s Spanish.  My little guy is quite the  musical child, he loves to sing and dance and makes up songs.  He usually prefers to sing in English even though I sing to him in Spanish every night.  But that has changed lately because we have … Read more

Setting Bilingual Goals for Our Kids and Our Family

I have to admit that keeping Spanish alive is harder than I thought.  Even though both my husband and I speak mostly Spanish at home (I’ll admit it’s not a 100% of the time) the truth is that the amount of time my kids spend immersed in a Spanish only environment is a lot less … Read more

Flor de Lis Restaurant in Guatemala City

Getting A Taste of Mayan Cuisine: Where To Eat In Guatemala City

The restaurant scene in Guatemala City has really burgeoned in the last few years as a wave of young and talented Guatemalan chefs has decided to dig into their roots creating modern Guatemalan cuisine that draws inspiration from rich traditional dishes and local ingredients. Even local restaurants that had been doing the same thing for decades … Read more