Back To School Favorites: Optari Customizable Backpacks

Disclosure: I received a fun and colorful customizable backpack so that I could provide a honest review of the Optari products, however all opinions are sincere and are my own. 

Hispanic boy and girl in school uniform
My kids ready for the first day of school. 

My little guys is starting Kindergarten this year, it’s a big change and although he is super excited I know it’s going to be hard going from PreK just 3 times a week half days to going to school every day full day and coming back home with homework.

Optari backpack red

As we searched for the perfect backpack for him I stumbled upon the Optari backpack.  I loved the bright colors, the size and the material but the best part is that you can personalize the Optari backpack by having your child pick out Fobbz or Mini Fobbz charms and add them to the front panel of the backpack.  There’s a big collection of Fobbz and Mini Fobbz and your child can choose those that reflect his personality and the things they love doing.  I thought this would be ideal to use as a rewards chart for starting school off on the right foot and motivating my little guy to do his homework!

customizable Optari backpack close up with Fobbz

We got the Optari backpack in red, his favorite color and I got him 5 small Fobbz to start with. On the first day of school he wore his backpack with one of them and then at the end of each week he will be able to pick another one to place on his backpack and after the first month or so I will give him one every month.  He was really excited about picking his own Mini Fobbz, placing the first one on the backpack himself and he happily assured me that he would work hard to get a new one each week. The second day of school he had a hard time getting up, he was tired and didn’t want to go. We talked about all the new things and the changes and how he would get used to the new schedule and make new friends soon and I reminded him of his reward and how he could take it to school on his backpack and tell his friends about it. It worked like a charm (pun intended) and soon he was up and getting ready to go.  I was so happy we got him the Optari backpack!

red Optari backpack

About the Backpack

The Optari backpack is available in 6 bright colors and it features two large internal compartments, one large internal pocket, pens pockets, side net pockets, and a front panel for collecting Mini Fobbz charms. Sized at 6 x 13 x 17 inches it is large enough to hold my little guy’s books, his lunch box and water bottle.   The backpack is well made and I know it will last the whole school year and beyond and at $29.99 it’s a great value for the quality.  The Mini Fobbz charms are $2.99 and the Fobbz charms are $4.99 each.

close up of red Optari backpack

About Optari

Optari makes quality fun, colorful, customizable bags and accessories. Totes, wristlets, or backpacks, which you can customize with Fobbz and Mini Fobbz charms collections. They also have the new Spikeletz bracelets, which have become a craze, they are available in 36 different colorful, soft, and spiky designs. Optari products have won the Creative Toy Awards Seal of Excellence, Preferred Choice and Product of the Year Award from and you can easily see why.

Optari products

You can see all of Optari’s products and learn more about the company by visiting their website at  Like Optari on Facebook and follow them on twitter @Optari   to stay informed of their latest products, trends and offers.

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20 thoughts on “Back To School Favorites: Optari Customizable Backpacks”

  1. Oh my goodness, these are all so cute! I love the notebooks because everyone in my family uses them. How fun to be able to decorate them and change up the look whenever you want! Love this!!!

  2. Congratulations to your son on his first year of kindergarten! I hope it goes well for him — and I hope you enjoy the full-day aspect. I know I did once my youngest began kindergarten. 😉

    These backpacks look AWESOME. I’m entering your giveaway now. 😀 Thank you for sharing this review, and for hosting a giveaway!


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