Easy Recipe for Colochos de Guayaba Traditional Guatemalan Candy

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Are you looking for a delicious colochos de guayaba recipe from Guatemala to enjoy this traditional Guatemalan candy at home? You’ve come to the right place! In this Guatemalan recipe, I’ll show you how to make authentic Guatemalan colochos de guayaba or guava rolls, a traditional sweet that will delight your taste buds with its delicious and aromatic flavor. Colochos de guayava ar thick guava rolls covered in sugar. These are one of the most popular traditional Guatemalan cany, and today I’ll show you how to make them so you can enjoy them on any special occasion or just to treat yourself and your loved ones.

receta de colochos de guayaba de Guatemala

I fondly remember how as a child, we used to buy colochos de guayaba at Doña María Gordillo’s store when we visited La Antigua, Guatemala. It was a family tradition that we always looked forward to with excitement. Now that I live in Florida, I learned to make them at home to share this piece of my childhood with my family here in the United States. This guava roll recipe combines the delicious guava pulp with sugar and cinnamon, creating an exquisite sweet that will captivate your palate and transport you directly to the flavors and aromas of Guatemala. So get ready to delight your family and friends with these delicious traditional Guatemalan sweets. Let’s start cooking!

The best recipe for Guatemalan colochos de guayaba traditional candy

What Is Guava

Guava is a popular fruit in Guatemala for its sweet and aromatic flavor and versatility in the kitchen. Known for its green or yellow skin and its pink or white flesh, guava is versatile and used in a variety of recipes, from desserts to beverages. Its sandy texture and abundance of seeds give it a unique character that makes it perfect for sweet preparations like guava rolls. Additionally, guava can be enjoyed fresh, in juices, smoothies, or jams, making it a highly versatile ingredient in Guatemalan cuisine.


History of Guavas in Guatemala

Guava is native to tropical America and has been cultivated in Guatemala since pre-Columbian times. During the colonial period, the Spanish introduced guava to other regions, where it quickly adapted due to its resilience and delicious flavor. Today, guava remains a highly prized fruit in Guatemalan cuisine, especially in preparing traditional sweets like guava rolls.

Types of Guava and the Best Guava for Making Colochos de Guayaba (Guava Rolls)

In Guatemala, there are several varieties of guava, but the most common ones are the pear guava and the apple guava. Both varieties are suitable for making guava rolls due to their sweet flavor and smooth texture. However, some people prefer the pear guava for its juicier pulp, while others prefer the apple guava for its more intense aroma. In any case, the best guava for making guava rolls is ripe but firm to achieve optimal texture and flavor in the final sweet.

History of Colochos de Guayaba from Guatemala

Colochos de guayaba are a traditional Guatemalan sweet rooted in the colonial era. The original recipe, believed to have been introduced by the Spanish, has evolved over the centuries to become the delicious dessert we know today. The word “colocho” refers to the sweet’s curly shape; colocho means a hair curl in Spanish. This sweet has endured over time due to its popularity among Guatemalans and remains a favorite choice at parties, fairs, and family celebrations.

Los mejores colochos de guayaba de Guatemala. Receta fácil

The colochos de guayaba originated in La Antigua, Guatemala, where they emerged as a delicacy consumed during Lent and Holy Week. Initially, these sweets were appreciated as part of religious and festive celebrations in the region. However, over time, guava rolls transcended their association with the Lenten and Holy Week seasons to become a typical sweet characteristic of the ferias or fairs of the different municipalities of Guatemala. These fairs are important events in the life of Guatemalan communities, where cultural identity is celebrated, and culinary traditions are shared, including the delicious guava rolls.

Best recipe for Guatemalan colochos de guayana, guava fruit rolls

The popularity of the colochos de guayaba has spread beyond La Antigua Guatemala and they are now appreciated throughout the country as a symbol of traditional Guatemalan confectionery. These sweets, with their characteristic curly hair shape and sweet, aromatic flavor, are a testament to Guatemala’s rich culinary history.

Ingredients for Making Colochos de Guayaba (Guava Rolls)

To make guava rolls, you’ll need simple yet delicious ingredients. The base of this sweet treat is ripe guava, which is cooked slowly with cinnamon and sugar to create a sweet and aromatic jelly. Besides guava, cinnamon, and sugar, no other complicated ingredients are necessary. The combination of these ingredients produces an exquisite sweet treat that is widely appreciated in Guatemala. Guava rolls are a traditional delight that remains a popular choice for sweetening any special occasion.

Guava fruit rolls easy recipe

Tips for Making the Best Colochos de Guayaba

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect batch of these traditional treats:

  1. Choose Ripe Guavas: Opt for ripe guavas that are firm but yield slightly to pressure. This ensures a sweet and flavorful base for your colochos.
  2. Prepare Thoroughly: Before cooking, make sure to clean and wash the guavas properly. Remove any dirt or residue from the skin under running water and dry them carefully.
  3. Infuse Flavor with Cinnamon: When boiling the guavas, add some cinnamon sticks to infuse the mixture with a delightful aroma and flavor. This simple addition enhances the taste of your colochos.
  4. Strain the Mixture: After blending the cooked guavas into a smooth mixture, strain it through a sieve to remove any chunks or seeds. This step ensures a silky texture for your colochos.
  5. Slow Cooking: Cook the guava mixture slowly over low heat, stirring occasionally, until it thickens to a jelly-like consistency. This allows the flavors to meld together perfectly.
  6. Grease the Surface: Before pouring the guava mixture onto a flat surface to cool, grease it lightly with melted butter or cooking spray. This prevents the colochos from sticking and makes them easier to handle.
  7. Roll with Care: Once the mixture has cooled and slightly solidified, cut it into thin strips and carefully roll each strip into a spiral shape to form the colochos. Take your time to ensure neat and uniform rolls.
  8. Finish with Sugar: Sprinkle generously with sugar once the colochos are ready. This adds a final touch of sweetness and enhances their irresistible flavor.

With these tips in mind, you’re all set to create a batch of mouthwatering colochos de guayaba that will delight your family and friends. Enjoy every delicious bite of these traditional Guatemalan sweets!

Colochos de Guayaba receta facil

Easy Recipe for Colochos de Guayaba Traditional Guatemalan Candy


  • 25 Guavas
  • 2 pounds of Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Cooking Spray


    1. Start by cleaning and washing the guavas. Under running water, remove any dirt or residue from the skins and dry them carefully.
    2. In a large pot, place the clean guavas and add enough water to cover them. Add some cinnamon sticks to flavor and aroma. Let the guavas boil over medium heat until they are soft and tender.
    3. Once the guavas are cooked, remove the cinnamon sticks and transfer the cooked guavas to a blender. Blend the guavas until you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture.
    4. Place a strainer over a large bowl and pour the blended guava mixture through the strainer to remove any pieces or seeds. Gently press the guava pulp with a spoon to extract all the liquid.
    5. Pour the strained mixture into a clean and deep pot. Add the sugar and mix well until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, until the mixture thickens and acquires a jelly-like consistency.
    6. While the mixture is cooking, prepare a flat surface and lightly grease it with butter or use cooking spray to prevent the guava rolls from sticking. Pour the hot guava mixture onto the prepared surface and spread it into an even layer of medium thickness.
    7. Let the guava mixture cool and solidify slightly. Once it is firm enough to handle, cut it into long, thin strips with a sharp knife.
    8. Roll each strip of guava mixture into a spiral shape to form the guava rolls. Place them on a tray or plate and generously sprinkle with sugar.
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 25 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 253Total Fat: 2gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 4mgCarbohydrates: 60gFiber: 9gSugar: 51gProtein: 4g

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