Happy Independence Day My Guatemala!

Today, September 15th, Guatemala celebrates her independence from Spain in 1821 along with four other Central American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.  In the United States September 15th marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. Photo by phossil. Creative Commons License. In our family September 15th is always a very special day, … Read more

Fighting with Spanglish

Recently, my son Alex and I were visiting his grandparents when I noticed something that I had perhaps taken for granted before. You see, I am a first-generation Hispanic-American, and my son, while his Spanish isn’t perfect, does speak it well enough to converse with his Cuban grandparents with no problems. I had always taken … Read more

Autora Invitada Eliana Tardio : En Mi Casa Se Habla Español

Tengo que reconocer que cuando uno emigra a los Estados Unidos, uno lo diera todo por  tener un mejor acento. De repente uno pasa de haber sido traductor profesional o reconocido intérprete, a ser otro Hispano que intenta adaptarse y mejorar su pronunciación para ganar el respeto que se merece. Creo que esa es una … Read more

Raising Global Children in Easier Than You Think

 I recently read an article about multimillionaire American investor and author Jim Rogers and how he and his wife decided to move to Singapore so that their children can be immersed in the culture and the language of a continent he considers to be the future.  If you are reading this you probably have at … Read more

Read Conmigo Fostering Biliteracy with Free Books in Spanish!

Inifinity’s Read Conmigo Program Sends you Free Books in Spanish! Infinity Auto Insurance has embarked on a mission to reinforce the educational advantages of bilingual literacy. In May of 2011 they launched Read Conmigo, a non-profit program for Latino families across the country.  Read Conmigo’s mission: to enrich the learning environment of bilingual households, one … Read more

Best Educational Spanish Apps for Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a great tool for helping children learn Spanish interactively. Most apps for Android are compatible with the Kindle Fire and already there are a few bilingual and Spanish apps available and the best thing is that new ones are popping up every day.  Here are our favorite ones so far.  Please … Read more