Celebrate Carnaval with Carnaval Shaker Craft

Lent is an austere season in Latin America, 40 days  full of self denial and sacrifices in preparation for Easter.  But before we deprive ourselves of carnal pleasures we make sure to kick it off with a huge party known round the world as Carnaval ( see where the name comes from?)  While the Lenten … Read more

Olympics Rings T-Shirt Craft

It’s time again for the Olympics!  Supporting your country (or adopted country) is fun and the Olympics are a great way to show our children that hard work and perseverance can pay off .  To get into the spirit and support team USA in the Winter Olympics ( Guatemala hasn’t participated in the Winter Olympics … Read more

Valentine’s Spanish Printables – Imprimibles

Sometimes it’s hard for little ones to express their feelings in a traditional Valentine.  But everyone wants to be able to tell the ones they love just how much they care.  This simple Valentine’s printable is in Spanish and English so your younger children can create a meaningful Valentine’s day message. The premise for this … Read more

DIY winter blue hair bows

Easy Hair Bow Craft

I love a simple craft that I can do with my children that they have as much fun with creating as I do.  I think most little girls love pretty barrettes, combs and ponytail holders.  It’s so much fun to create something that reflects the holidays, season or special event that they can wear and … Read more

snowflake cookies FROZEN #shop

A Day of Fun and Magic with Disney FROZEN

My daughter is a huge Disney fan, she loves everything Disney and she had been waiting for the new Disney movie FROZEN to come out, to the point that she had even memorized the date it was coming out on theaters.  We had been unable to watch it so last weekend we decided to surprise … Read more

Holiday Card craft for kids

Easy Christmas Card Craft for Kids

This weekend we have been getting into the holiday spirit listening to Christmas music, baking Christmas treats and making holiday cards to give to the grandparents and other family members along with their Christmas gifts.  I believe that there is nothing better than giving a gift that has been made by you and that is … Read more

reindeer holiday gift wrap

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kid’s Presents

I enjoy wrapping gifts for my kids, I imagine their excitement when they see them.  Since I was a child I loved building  things and creating things so I decided that I would create some fun gift wrappings and I have to tell you my kid’s eyes just lighted up when they saw these.  To create … Read more

turkey pumpkin craft

Pumpkin Turkey Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

If you’re looking for fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids, this easy turkey craft is sure to be a hit! All you need to make this Thanksgiving craft is a mini pumpkin, and some fall leaves. This pumpkin craft is perfect for preschoolers or elementary school children.  My little man is really crafty, so I’m always … Read more

crafts DIY Christmas Holiday m&m's

Holiday Crafts With Gingerbread M&Ms

At home we are big M&Ms fans. What’s not to love about those little pearls of chocolatey goodness.  As I shopped for groceries last week I was thrilled to discover the new holiday flavored gingerbread M&M’s, which are only available at Walmart. These are great for making gingerbread cookies, decorating your gingerbread house or just … Read more