Día de los Reyes: Three Kings Day Crafts and Activities For Kids

This post is full of fun and easy crafts and activities for kids to celebrate Día de Reyes, or Three Kings Day. I love sharing traditions and celebrating holidays like this one with my family. So we are always looking for new and fun crafts and activities for  El Día de Los Reyes that we can do together. From reading books to cooking some of my favorite traditional foods, here are some cool things you can do with your children for Three Kings Day.

Three Kings Day books, activities, recipes and crafts for kids

Fun and Easy Three Kings Day Crafts and Activities

On January 6th, My kids usually run down to open the gifts brought by the Three Magi. Growing up in Guatemala, this is a family tradition I looked forward to as a child. Día de Reyes, or Epiphany, is a Catholic celebration that marks the Three Kings’ arrival to Bethlehem twelve days after Christmas, bringing presents to baby Jesus. It is an essential part of Christmas traditions in Guatemala and many Latin American countries.

Dia de Reyes traditions

I love sharing Guatemalan traditions like this one with my kids. It’s a great way to keep them in touch with their Guatemalan roots and culture. After opening the presents, we eat the traditional Rosca de Reyes buns we cooked in the morning, sit around making crafts, and enjoy family activities. Here is a list of all the fun things we like to do on Three Kings Day

Dia de Reyes Books for Children

In our house, the Three Kings Day or Reyes Magos always brings the kids at least one book. After getting lots of toys from Santa Claus on Christmas, I ensure that the presents they get from the Three Magi are meaningful and valuable. As a kid, my parents did the same. As a result, the gifts from the Three Kings were always helpful or educational. 

Three Kings Day best books for kids

Reading books about the Three Kings is a great way to help kids learn more about the meaning behind the Reyes Magos. It is a beautiful way to teach your children about cultural traditions and provide context and meaning behind holiday celebrations like Dia de Reyes. I have included Three Kings Day books for kids in both English and Spanish here and bilingual books. My kids are bilingual, and we always like to read in both languages.

Three Kings Day or Dia de Reyes books for kids in Spanish

Dia de Reyes Books for Children in English

The Story of the Three Wise Kings

Tommy de Paola illustrates this lovely book in English. It tells the story of the Three Magi and their journey to find baby Jesus in a beautiful way.

The Story of the Three Wise Kings book for children

We Three Kings

It is a book of the song “We Three Kings” and includes its lyrics and gorgeous illustrations.

We Three Kings book for children

Three Wise Queens

A twist on the Nativity story featuring three wise queens instead of the Three Kings, this book focuses on their extensive entourages who traverse afar.

Best Three Kings books for kids. Three Wise Queens book.

Dreams of Green: A Three Kings Day Story

In the story about Día de los Reyes, Lucía misses celebrating the festive occasion in Puerto Rico with loved ones, finding herself in the quiet, cold setting of Ohio instead. She wonders how to guide the Three Kings to her new home in the frosty Midwest.

Dreams of Green Three Kings Day Book

This picture book celebrates Puerto Rican culture and family traditions, emphasizing that no matter where life takes us, we always carry a piece of home with us.

The Christmas Quest

This is a book for 2-6-year-olds that takes them on an adventurous journey with the wise men as they search for the King of the Jews, guided by a star. Set in a historically accurate setting, they face bandits, wild animals, and harsh sandstorms, and even an evil king. Despite these challenges, their quest is rewarding as it leads them to Jesus, the greatest treasure of all.

Best Three Kings Day books for kids

The Last Slice: A Three Kings Day Treat

This funny holiday story follows Marta as she excitedly awaits her first taste of a Three Kings Day treat, the Rosca de Reyes, which has a tiny baby Jesus figure hidden inside. As Marta eagerly anticipates enjoying the sweet bread, she’s also anxious about the possibility of finding, or even accidentally eating, the hidden figurine. This leads her to humorous lengths to avoid being the one to pick the last piece of the dessert, despite her craving for a bite.

Dia de Reyes books for kids

Dia de Reyes Books for Children in Spanish

 Los Reyes Magos de Oriente 

This book in Spanish tells the story of Mary and Joseph and how the Three Kings followed the star of Bethlehem to find the newborn King. This book includes a CD and is ideal for kids ages six and up. 

Three Kings Day books in Spanish, Epiphany books in Spanish, Libros del Dia de Reyes en Español

Los Reyes Magos 

In this Spanish book, the origins and traditions of Three Kings Day, also known as Epiphany or the 12th day of Christmas, are explored through the excitement of brother and sister Miguel and Maria.

Los ReyesMagos

El Verde De Mis Sueños: Un Cuento de la Tradición de los Reyes Magos

In this Spanish-language story about Día de los Reyes, Lucía longs for the festive celebrations in Puerto Rico with her family, but instead, she finds herself in the quiet, cold surroundings of Ohio. She ponders how to guide the Three Kings to her new home in the frosty Midwest.

El Verde De Mis Sueños un cuento de la tradicion de los Reyes Magos

This picture book is a tribute to Puerto Rican culture and family traditions, underscoring that no matter where life takes us, we always carry a piece of our home with us.

El Dia Que los Reyes Magos Se Toparon con Santa Claus

On Christmas Eve, Patricia’s home is thrown into chaos when the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus show up at the same time with the same gifts that Patricia, the eldest daughter, had requested in her letters. This story humorously blends the traditions of the Wise Men, common in Spanish-speaking countries, with Santa Claus, popular in Northern Europe and America, creating a big mess.

Libros para niños sobre el Dia de los Reyes Magos

This tale prompts us to think about the excessive gifts and consumerism during Christmas and encourages kids to be critical of advertising. It’s also a good time to learn about the origins of Christmas traditions.

Bilingual Three Kings Day Books for Children (Spanish and English)

Three Kings Day – Día de Reyes Magos: A Bilingual Book in English and Spanish

This bilingual book teaches kids about the significance of Dia de Reyes, focusing on celebrating the holiday. It includes an explanation of Three Kings Day traditions and the meaning of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This book also contains songs, puzzles, and coloring pages!

Three Kings Day - Día de Reyes Mago: A Bilingual Book in English and Spanish

Un Coquí de Boriquén con Los Reyes a Belén (Spanish and English edition)

This book in Spanish, written for Puerto Rican children (or children of Puerto Rican descent), provides a fun twist on the classic Christmas story of Los Reyes Magos. A magical coqui accompanies a Puertorican girl to the first Christmas, and the song of the coqui helps the kids find baby Jesus. 

Un Coquí de Boriquén con los Reyes a Belén


Take advantage of technology and cross-cultural educational tools to create learning opportunities about other places and cultures. For example, an app can help your kids better understand their Hispanic Heritage while having fun learning about traditions like Three Kings Day. Apps make learning about Dia de Reyes something fun and interactive. I’ve included apps that let kids talk to the Three Kings, write a letter to the Three Magi or even sing songs about the Reyes Magos.

Speak to the Three Wise Men App

This app lets kids talk with the Three Kings in English or Spanish. This is a great and interactive way to strengthen their Spanish vocabulary. You can also record the conversation so you can have a beautiful memory of your child’s reaction when speaking with the Three Magi. 

The 3 Wise Men / Los 3 Reyes Magos

Nothing to get the holiday spirit better than Christmas songs! Here are some of the classic Spanish Christmas songs you and your kids will love to sing along.

Fun Activities and Crafts

These fun activities are a great way to introduce kids to the meaning and traditions behind the Día de Reyes or Three Kings Day. These Día de Reyes are great family activities for kids to do on Día de Reyes.

Three Kings Day Crafts for Kids and Free Printables

Bilingual Coloring Pages – Free Printables 

Kids can better understand the significance of this day and the traditions that go along with it.


Dia de Reyes traditions Three Kings Day coloring pages

Simple Window Stars Tutorial 

Create easy and beautiful paper stars for your windows to guide the Three Wise men home.

Window Stars
Window Stars

Cutout Nativity Scene With Three Kings – Free Printable

This nativity craft is easy and quick to do. Just print in cardstock and cut along the dotted lines to create your own nativity scene that includes the manger with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men. 

Cutout nativity scene free printable Three Kings Day craft for kids
Click on the image to print.

Three Kings Day Crafts for Kids 

Make these super cute paper kings with your kids to celebrate the day.

three kings day craft made from paper towel rolls

Three Kings Gift Tags and Letter for the Wise Men Free Printables

These free printable gift tags, specially designed for Three Kings Day or Dia de Reyes, add a personal touch to presents given during the Epiphany celebration. With a variety of designs featuring the Three Magi, these tags can be conveniently printed right from your home. To enhance the festive experience, I’ve also included adorable letters for kids to pen their wishes and messages to the Three Wise Men. 

Three Wise Men, Magi, Epiphany gift tags green

These printables are a fun way to involve children in the tradition, letting them express their hopes and gratitude. By using these tags and letters, the gifts from the Magi become even more special, capturing the essence of this cherished holiday.

Three Kings / Three Wise Men (Magi) downloadable papercraft 

It is a super fun craft to make with young ones. What’s more, your kids can play with these paper dolls.

three wise men paper craft
three wise men papercraft

Three Kings Craft With Wooden Spoons – The Gingerbread House

This easy craft uses wooden spoons, markers, stickers, and felt, along with ribbons and tinsel left over from Christmas decorations, to make the Three Wise Men. This easy and quick craft lets kids get creative and use their imagination to add sparkle to the Three Kings.

Three Kings Day craft for kids

Handprint Three King’s Day 

Make a super easy craft that will make a fabulous keepsake and a fun home decoration.

Three Kings Day Craft handprint camel

Three Kings Day Recipes

Nothing says holidays like delicious food! And in my home, many family traditions revolve around food. These days, we spend a lot of time preparing our favorite Christmas meals in the kitchen. So here are some of my favorite recipes you can make with the kids to celebrate Día de Los Reyes Magos.

Easy Three Kings Day Recipes or Recipes for Dia de Reyes

Traditional Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings Bread)

The Rosca de Reyes or Roscón de Reyes is a traditional dish served in many Latin American countries including Mexico and my home country of Guatemala. The Rosca de Reyes is a traditional sweet round bread enjoyed on Three Kings Day, representing the crowns of the Magi. Hidden inside the bread is a small figurine of baby Jesus, and the person who finds it is said to receive blessings and is responsible for hosting a party on February 2nd, Día de la Candelaria. Adorned with colorful candied fruits and sugar, this festive bread is a centerpiece of the holiday, symbolizing the Epiphany. Enjoy it with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate or ponche de frutas. 

Traditional Rosca de Reyes recipe

Rosca de Reyes Buns

Here is a super easy recipe for Rosca de Reyes buns you can bake with your kids. Rosca de Reyes or Roscón de Reyes is a sweet bread with caramelized fruit eaten during this holiday.

Easy Rosca de Reyes bollos
Easy Rosca de Reyes bollos

Ponche de Frutas Navideño 

A Guatemalan hot drink traditionally served during the holiday season. It contains different fruits such as pineapples, plums, apples, and many more, perfect for cold weather. 

Guatemalan ponche de fruitas Christmas fruit punch

Gingerbread Crown Cookies for Three Kings Day – The Gingerbread House

These gingerbread crown cookies, inspired by Russian crowns, are a great recipe to make with kids for Three Kings Day. You can make ones for your family and also some for the Three Wise Men to leave them along with the kid’s shoes.

Gingerbread crown cookies for Three Kings Day and other Three Kings Day recipes

Spiced Cherry Arroz Con Leche

This spiced cherry Arroz con Leche is a festive twist on the traditional dish, making it a delicious dessert for Christmas or Three Kings Day.

Spiced Cherry Arroz Con Leche

More Traditional Guatemalan Recipes to Enjoy During the Holidays:

Here is a list of my favorite traditional Guatemalan food during the holiday season. Christmas and other holidays like Las Posadas and Three Kings Day is the perfect time to teach our kids about their Hispanic Heritage. And the food is a big part of keeping our Guatemalan traditions alive.  

Tamales Colorados:

This Guatemalan food is based on my grandmother’s recipe, made with corn masa and a chicken or pork filling wrapped in fresh banana leaves. I have come up with the best recipe for Guatemalan tamales with some personal tweaks, including easy step-by-step instructions.

Guatemalan Christmas dinner with tamales

Atol de Elote: 

Corn atole is a hot drink of fresh corn. This traditional drink has its origin in the Mayan culture, perfect for cold weather, posadas, and Christmas time.

Atol de elote recipe Guatemalan traditional drink

Chuchitos Guatemaltecos: 

Learn how to make these delicious traditional tamales at home! A smaller type of Guatemalan tamal is filled with pork or chicken and a tomato-based recado or sauce wrapped in corn husks.

best recipe for Guatemalan chuchitos


Bits of fried wheat-based dough, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect for a cold day. The dough is covered in white sugar and served swimming in light syrup with a hint of anise.

how to make Guatemalan buñuelos

I love sharing traditions that remind me of when I was a kid in Guatemala, and Three Kings Day was one of the best holidays! I found that fun crafts and activities are the best ways to teach my kids about their Guatemalan roots while making new traditions. From creating fun handprints to cooking my favorite dishes, Día de Los Reyes Magos is an essential part of holiday traditions. So how do you celebrate Three Kings Day? I would love to hear from you and your family traditions!

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