You Don’t Have to Be Extreme to Be Green

I love our planet and believe that we need to do something drastic to save it and I want to do my part.  I also think that natural and organic products are better for my family. I would love to buy 100% organic, use only natural products for cleaning and recycle and reuse everything but … Read more

Semana Nacional de la Vacunación Contra la Influenza

Del 2 al 8 de diciembre se celebra la Semana Nacional de la Vacuna contra la Influenza. La influenza es una enfermedad contagiosa grave que puede requerir hospitalización e incluso llevar a la muerte y es mas común durante los meses de invierno especialmente de diciembre a marzo. Se estima que la influenza, también conocida … Read more


It was early morning on a Friday and Martha was only 28 weeks pregnant when she started having contractions. At first she thought they where Braxton Hicks contractions but after 45 minutes even though they where not painful, the contractions where coming regularly every five minutes. She had to go to the hospital where she … Read more

Nivea Pampering Spa Party

I had so much fun hosting a NIVEA Pampering Spa Party for my Mom’s Club girlfriends. The Mom’s Club is a great group of wonderful ladies, all of us have one or more preschool aged child and as it often happens with moms, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves because we are so … Read more

Colgate Total Healthy Tips Oral Care Basket #ColgateTotal4Health

October is American Diabetes Month and Colgate Total is promoting awareness about oral health and its association with diabetes.  Many people are not aware about the link between diabetes and oral health.  My mother was diagnosed with diabetes just a couple of months ago. This is especially hard because she lives in Guatemala and I … Read more

Inicia una Conversación Sobre la Belleza Real con la Ayuda de Dove

Cuando estaba en la escuela mis compañeras y compañeros solían molestarme porque era muy delgada. Me llamaban seca, flaca o popotitos y hacían un sin fin de chistes al respecto de mi apariencia. En vez de mostrarme triste o molestarme me unía a sus chistes diciéndoles que habían olvidado llamarme espagueti y quiebra palitos, lo … Read more