Bread with Honey, Almonds and Dried Fruit

I don’t usually bake bread but this recipe is just really special and this delicious bread is ideal for breakfast or to pair with some cafecito. Ingredients 3/4 cup warm milk (120°F), divided 1 teaspoon plus 6 tablespoons sugar 2 envelopes active dry yeast 3 3/4 cups (about) all purpose flour, divided 2 large eggs … Read more

Culture Through Food

A familiar proverb tells us that ‘we are what we eat.’ Until I moved to United States I didn’t realize how important food was and how the preparation and sharing of food is filled with traditions and values that connect me to my family, my culture and to my roots. When I was growing up … Read more

Chorizo Burger with Blue Cheese Chipotle Sauce

The chorizo and blue cheese chipotle sauce give this burger a lot a flavor and a little kick. Toped with tomato and avocado; simply mouthwatering. This recipe is easy to make and after tasting this recipe bursting with sabor your regular burgers will seem boring. Last night when my husband asked me for hamburgers, AGAIN … Read more

recipe for tamarind margarita cocktail

Frozen Tamarind Margarita Cocktail

The deliciously flavorful tamarind fruit, commonly used in Latin American cuisine adds depth and infuses this margarita with exotic flares. I have always thought that the combination of tamarind and salt was just sublime, but then again I love tangy flavors. photo credit: Kenn Wilson via photopin cc Tamarind has always been one of my … Read more

Traditional Guatemalan Tostadas Recipe

Tostadas The tostadas are a traditional Guatemalan food that is often served as snacks or appetizers during the traditional holiday festivities. The holidays are a time of sharing with family and reconnecting with our roots through traditions and through food. Tostadas are generally made of salsa (tomato sauce), refried black beans and guacamole. I will share … Read more

Healthy Chilaquilas from Guatemala

Chilaquilas (wich is not to be confused with the Mexican traditional dish Chilaquiles) is one of my favorite Guatemalan dishes. Guatemalan Chilaquilas are like a tortilla or güisquil (knows as chayote in Mexico or pear squash in the US) grilled cheese. They are perfect as a snack and the güisquil version is loaded with amino acids and vitamin C making it a … Read more