Celebrating El Día de los Reyes or Three Kings Day with JCPenney

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Dia de Reyes, Magi, Nativity Scene
On January 6th we add the Three Kings to the Nativity scene.

For me it’s very important to keep traditions alive.  When I was growing up in Guatemala we celebrated Christmas and a couple of weeks after that we also celebrated El Día de los Reyes or Three Kings Day.  This holiday is celebrated in most Spanish speaking countries but every country celebrates it a little different.  Growing up we had a big celebration on Noche Buena, opening presents from Santa Claus at midnight so when January 6th came along we had a simple celebration.  We would go to bed early on January 5th and we would leave a pair of old shoes outside our door.  We would wake up early on January 6th to find 3 gifts.  Later in the afternoon all the family would get together at my grandma’s house.  We would share a rosca de reyes, that we bought from the neighborhood bakery and whoever got the baby Jesus in their piece of rosca would have good luck for the following year.  That person was also responsible for getting the rosca the next year.

Dia de Reyes, Magi, Nativity Scene
Reading about the Three Kings.

The Holidays are celebrated in a unique way by each family, each family adding their own personal touch, focusing in what is important to them and blending traditions, foods and music just as we blend our different cultures and I love that JCPenney recognizes this. I have changed the way I celebrated el Día de los Reyes tradition just a bit and added some things that make it more fun and add meaning for us.   Because the kids have just gotten lots of presents for Christmas they they don’t write a letter to the Magi asking for specific things, instead the Reyes Magos bring them 3 small gifts. Since I always take every opportunity I can to encourage my kids to read the Reyes Magos always bring a book as one of the gifts.  The week before we always read books about the traditions surrounding El Dia de los Reyes, watch videos and do crafts so that the kids learn about the meaning behind the traditions since they are not exposed to this naturally like I was. You can read more about how we celebrate El Día de los Reyes HERE.

I want to share with you a great video from JCPenney from their “Real Holidays by Real Families” video series.  Here  Alondra tells about her family’s traditions for El Dia de Reyes which is very similar to the way I used to celebrate it when I was growing up.

JCPenney Latino is here to help families find the things that make their holidays special and making my life easier during the holidays.

JCPenney will be the first retail brand that celebrates what a REAL Christmas is like for Latinos through stories by Latino children and their families. JCPenney Latino is here to help families find the things that make their holidays special.You can visit the JCPenney Website and like JCPenney Latino on Facebook to watch other videos in the series.

Do you celebrate El Día de los Reyes or Three Kings Day?

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8 thoughts on “Celebrating El Día de los Reyes or Three Kings Day with JCPenney”

  1. I didn’t find out about this celebration until adulthood. To say I was miffed about missing this part of my culture (and years of gifts) is an understatement. BB made sure her trio celebrated this holiday and makes sure the Reyes always leave a little something for the grandbabies. I’m glad you’re still sharing this tradition with your children. BB2U

  2. Thank you for sharing this one. Never knew about this kind of program from JCPenney. My husband loves to shop at JCPenney for his work clothes. Anyway, I grew up in the Philippines and I learned about celebrating for the Three Kings Day, but we never celebrate this one though. It is nice that you do keep that tradition in the family and the kids will be able to carry it on, on to their families someday.


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