DIY Minion Snow Globes

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Minion Snow Globes DIY

There is a very special awesomeness about sharing with your kids something that you loved to do, making memories with them and relating those memories back to your own childhood just creates such an amazing bond and lets you recapture those happy times all over again. One of those happy childhood memories was finding the toy in the cereal box so I was thrilled to see that the specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals have a Minion toy in them and could not wait to get back home and share in the fun of finding the 7 Minion toys with the kids!

 Finding the Minion Toy in the cereal

I’ve always been a huge fan of cereal, I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner … and for a long time during my single years I actually did. According to my wife my love of cereal goes beyond the realm of “normal”, she complains that we can not buy cereal for the kids because they’ll have one bowl and by the time the next morning comes around the box is gone, consumed in a midnight snack marathon by daddy. I think she exaggerates but I do worry a bit when my kids look at me with fear in their eyes, hugging their cereal bowl and fiercely declaring “Daddy this is my cereal!.”  Someone really needs to teach those kids to share: I need to put that on my list of things to accomplish this week.

post cereals with Minion Toy

All kidding aside I do have a strong fondness for cereal and I’m pretty sure a huge part of that stems from those childhood memories: cereal just made me happy.  Back in Guatemala having American cereal for breakfast was a real treat: the fun boxes, the colorful cereal and at the bottom of the box the Pièce De Résistance: the toy!  Even better than the pot of tiny pastel colored marshmallows at the end of the rainbow the toy was the ultimate prize and the search for it at the bottom of the cereal box was an exciting adventure.  At first my brother and I would impatiently wait and follow my mother’s rules: the toy belongs to whoever gets the toy when they pour their cereal.  And now that I think about it that is probably why I can never have just one bowl of cereal, but anyway, that quickly degenerated into us having an all out battle and diving into the cereal, the whole arm lost in the box frantically searching for the toy at the bottom.  Oh man, great times! And now I get to share that fun all over again as I see my kids excitedly diving in to the boxes of General Mills cereal in search of the 7 Minions.

Materials for Minon Snow Globe

I decided I would use the Minion toys to create a fun craft with the kids and we came up with the idea of making Minion snow globes.  We took each Minion and used things we had around the house to create a specially themed snow globe for each one.  We started off with the prehistoric Minion and the Dracula Minion.

Minon Snow Globe


Two empty and clean glass jars with lids

Minion toys from the specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals

Crazy glue

A toy dinosaur

A plastic palm tree

Bat stickers or paper bats



Crazy Glue

Mod Podge

Minon Snow Globe


Remove the string from the Minion toy.

Glue the minion to the inside of the jar lid using crazy glue and glue any other toys or elements to the jar lid (like the dinosaur and palm tree).

Fill the jar almost to the tip with water.

Add about a teaspoon of glycerin so that the glitter takes longer to fall when you shake the snow globe.

Add about some glitter.

Put the lid back on the the jar.

Add stickers or bat printouts to the outside of the jar using Mod Podge.

Minon Snow Globe

We are all super excited about the release of the Minions Movie, specially my daughter who is a huge fan so we where all excited about the Minion toys in the specially marked packages of General Mills Cereal, which you can find exclusively at Walmart. We are on serious journey to find that 7th, and final, Minion toy and we are off to a great start as we have already found 4 different Minions so far.


Do you have fond memories of finding the toy at the bottom of the cereal?  Share them with me in the comments and be sure to look for the 7th Minion at Walmart and find more 7th Minion inspired ideas HERE!

Minion Snow Globes DIY


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