Back To School: Is It Time To Get Your Child A Mobile Phone?

I have partner with Sprint Latino to share information and resources for parents considering getting their children’s their first wireless phone, however all opinions are my own.

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I still can’t believe that the summer is over and that my kids are back in school. Going back to school brings with it so many new adventures as our kids grow older and reach new milestones from new teachers and friends to new learning challenges. My kids just started 3rd and 5th grade and although we have been putting it off for a while this year we are seriously considering getting them their first mobile phone.  This is a huge step but we feel it makes sense for our family because our 3rd grader just got accepted into the gifted program and because the school he is at right now does not have a full time gifted program we are seriously considering moving him to another school. This not only means that he will start in a new school where he doesn’t know anyone but he will also be riding the bus by himself and so will by daughter. This is a big change for all of us and them having a mobile phone so we can reach them and they can call us if anything happens would give us so much peace of mind.

I have been using Spring as my mobile carrier for a few years now, they have great coverage and excellent customer service so naturally when I started considering getting the kids their first mobile phone I thought of Sprint.  What I did not know is that Sprint’s Kid’s First Phone website has a wealth of information and expert advice for parents who like me are trying to determine if their children are ready of their first wireless phone.

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When thinking about getting a child a wireless phone there are so many considerations.  One of the things that worries me the most is that my kids . But at the same time we need to teach them to be independent and because we live in a digital world this also means that we need to start introducing them to the digital and social media world but we need to do that slowly and gradually.

Sprint really invested in providing parents with the tools they need to monitor and ensure that children are safe when they are using their mobile phone. Sprint’s Kid’s First Phone website is truly a one-stop resource to help parents determine the right time to buy their child their first wireless phone. Some of the resources, apps and options that Sprint provides specially for families include:

  • Sprint Mobile Controls let parents monitor their kid’s phone usage
  • The Sprint Family Locator allows you to track up to five devices!
  • Family Wall for Sprint which helps everyone stay connected with an all-in social app that allows families to share and connect via their own private social network.
  • Sprint Drive First helps keep your kids safe by stopping distracted driving and keeping focus on the road
  • Expert advice including advice from from Katie Hurley, LCSW, psychotherapist and author of “The Happy Kid Handbook” as well as advice from other parents.
  • Customizable parent-child mobile contract to set parameters and agree upon rules and limits for uses of a mobile phone.
  • Parents can take a quiz to determine an individual child’s readiness for a wireless phone.

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For us getting the kids a mobile phone would not only that they will be safer when they are at school but also that they will be able to stay more connected to family back in Guatemala. Through Skype and WhatsApp they can keep a los abuelos up to speed on what they are doing, tell them exciting news about their accomplishments and share with them everyday moments.

As this new school year starts if you are considering getting your child their first mobile phone be sure to check out Sprint’s Kid’s First Phone website.


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6 thoughts on “Back To School: Is It Time To Get Your Child A Mobile Phone?”

  1. Wow! those options and resources are great for the safety of the kids, especially being able to monitor the kid’s phone usage. No puedo creer que los niños ya regresan a la escuela! paso volando el verano

  2. Buenas opciones e interesante información. Nosotros cada año platicamos sobre si es conveniente para nosotros darle celulares a nuestros hijos, y hasta ahora seguimos diciendo no. Sin embargo es bueno estar informados al respecto.

  3. Mi hijo mayor que tiene 14 años, ya tienen teléfono y es probable que este año le saque a su hermano de 11. Gracias por las opciones, muy buena información!


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