How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Period in A Positive Way

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Preparing your daughter for her first period or talking to girls about menstruation, in general, doesn’t have to be hard when you follow these tips for talking to your daughter about her period in a positive way.
Talking to your teen about their first period
Menstruation doesn’t have to be scary and talking about periods doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you’re preparing your daughter for her first period or helping your teen daughter realize that periods don’t have to suck here are some ideas for normalizing periods and empowering girls.

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Period in A Positive Way

Talking to your daughter about menstruation is all about being open, honest, and normalizing period talk. Here are some tips for making period talk easier for you and for her.

Present the period as something positive.

As women, many of us are used to talking about the period in a negative way often referring to it as a curse or as something we dread every month. It’s important to talk about periods with your daughter in a positive light

Menstruation is a normal and healthy process and it’s important to start by acknowledging that. It’s not something to dread or feel ashamed about. Focus on the positive things about the period. Menstruation is a sign of health and of growing up and becoming a woman. And menstruation is part of the amazing gift of being able to create a new life and have a baby.

Get her involved in choosing the right products for her.

When it comes to choosing pads and the right products for your daughter, it’s important that she participates in that process. I talked with my daughter about the options available and included her in the process. Ever since she got her period we have gone through a few different types of pads and made changes according to what she needs and what she feels comfortable with.

Talking to your teen about their first period

Help her be prepared.

One of the greatest fears for most girls when it comes to periods is leaks. Teaching your daughter how to deal with unexpected periods and potential leaks will really help dissipate those fears. Knowing what to expect and what to do if a period comes by surprise will help her to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation.

My daughter always has a period backup kit in her backpack: a small bag with a pair of clean underwear, a couple of U by Kotex® Teen Pads, and a pair of leggings. We have also talked about what to do if she gets her period unexpectedly from how to cover up with a sweater to who she can ask for help.

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Whether you’re preparing your daughter for her first period or she’s already gotten her period getting the right pads for her will make her feel more comfortable and confident.

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Keep an open conversation.

Although that first conversation about preparing your daughter for her first period is what most moms are concerned about it’s even as important to keep talking about periods after she gets it.

Talking to your teen about their first period

Although talking to your daughter and preparing her for the period is important it’s also important talking about the subject. Start by sharing your own experiences and encourage your daughter to ask questions and share concerns or fears.

Let her know you’re always there to support her and that she can share anything with you. Knowing that she has someone that she can talk about her period with and that this is something normal is key for ensuring she feels comfortable with discussing her period anytime.

Help her feel empowered.

Many girls think that there are a lot of things you can not do if you have your period. This makes them feel left out and like they are missing out and can also lead to feelings of shame.

When I talked to my daughter the first time about periods one of the things we discussed is how girls can do almost anything when they have their period. This has been an ongoing conversation.

Girl with bearded dragon

My daughter loves animals and wants to be a vet assistant, she loves horseback riding and hiking and she can do all of those things when she has her period. Reminding her that women she admires and looks up to have their period too has really helped put things in perspective. Jane Goodall had her period while she was studying chimps out in the jungle, Olympic athletes have their period, sometimes during competition. Periods should not stop you from doing what you love.

I really like that U by Kotex® is committed to making sure a period, or any negative perceptions of a period, never get in the way of any woman’s progress. U by Kotex® Teen pads is not only a great product for teens but I love supporting companies that are passionate about causes I am passionate about, like empowering women and helping girls realize that period or not she can achieve anything.

Give her permission to take time for herself.

Self-care is something many women struggle with in general. Recognizing that we need to invest time in ourselves is something we can teach our daughters. When it comes to periods, my daughter and I have had conversations about what she can do when she does have physical symptoms and discomfort. Many girls feel ashamed to share how they are feeling both physically and emotionally when it comes to periods.

It has been very important to talk to my daughter that when we’re not feeling great we need to take a step back, pause, and focus on self-care. Although I want her to know she can do anything and everything when she has her period I also want her to know it’s ok if she doesn’t feel well and that this is something she should not feel bad about.

talking with your teen

We have come up with a list of things that make her feel better and this has helped her so much because she knows what to do if she gets is feeling down. Our list includes things like using a heating pad to relieve cramps or wearing her favorite fuzzy socks and cuddling with her dog to watch a favorite movie if she’s feeling down. She knows she can be open about telling me she wants so alone time or needs to skip horseback riding class.

Normalize period talk in your family.

Getting Dads and brothers involved in the conversation and normalizing period talk is key to helping girls feel comfortable and normal when they have their period. My daughter knows that she can ask dad to buy her pads or talk about her period in front of her brother.

Involving boys and men in period conversations helps change the perception of periods as something taboo or something to be grossed out by into something normal. The truth is that boys go through many of the same things girls go through during puberty from physical changes and mood swings.

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  1. I’m a firm believer in giving my girls all the knowledge they need about their bodies as they grow up. I think too many people still skirt around the female body and what happens to it, especially during puberty. Love this post.

  2. I am a long way off from having a daughter that age. I need to have kids first, haha. But this is great information, that I can remember, when that day finally comes. Or I will just have my future wife have the talk. haha

  3. Your daughter is lucky to have you! Period were a pretty open topic for me growing up and it’s made it easy to feel relaxed when I’m on my period. There is just less shame.

  4. You are doing a great job talking to your daughter about menstruation. When I had my first period, I thought I was going to die. Seriously. My mom talked to me about it, but when the time came, I was scared. It was different with my daughter though. Both of us were prepared for that time.

  5. This is all really good information. The key, which you touched on several times, is keeping communication open and easy. My youngest daughter is 19 so we are way beyond this, but because of the open communication from the start, we still talk daily about everything!

  6. I love these suggestions to help take the stigma out of periods. I remember how awkward it was for me when I was a teen. Maybe my daughter will feel more comfortable about it!

  7. One of the dreaded talks if you’re a single dad. It’s still a long way for the talk to happen with my daughters but good thing I have my wife to do it.

  8. I love that you had an open and honest discussion about periods with your daughter. I didn’t have that type of relationship with my mother and believe I would have had an easier time dealing with my period and what products to use if I had someone to guide me when I was young.

  9. Its mother duty to deal positively first time with her.
    Its really hard time for her when she across this condition .
    Otherwise thank you so much for sharing this post .


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