Looking For a Pet Dog Grooming Table? 4 Things to Keep In Mind

Grooming your dog at home is a lot easier with a grooming table! If your dog is starting to look particularly shaggy these days or keeps shedding, it may be time to try a grooming regimen. Grooming, including regular brushing and bathing, helps keep your dog comfortable and their coat and skin healthy. The right tools – A dog grooming table is a must in your home and is the foundation for keeping your dog in good health.

How to choose a dog grooming table

While professional-looking dog grooming tables are the prerogative of professional groomers, dog owners will also find this equipment very useful. Grooming your dog at home not only takes the stress off them but saves your own time & relieves financial stress.

How to choose a dog grooming table

Dog Grooming Table. What to look for.

With an almost endless variety of pet dog grooming tables on the market to choose from, an ideal pet table should contain at least four characteristics-

  1. Sturdy base 
  2. Non-slip & Waterproof table surface
  3. Foldable table legs
  4. Detachable loop noose
  • Sturdy Base

First of all, there are always two dimensions to consider before buying a pet grooming table. First, the size of your dog, there are grooming tables on the market in different sizes to accommodate different types of dogs. A grooming table that is too small for your dog can create a risk of your pup falling over. If you are in doubt about which size to choose, in general, a larger table is always better than a smaller one. Second, grooming tables also have weight limits. If you are a dog owner of a large or giant breed, please make sure the table can hold your pet steadily before order.

Second, whether you choose a round or square table, the most important thing is that the base is sturdy, preferably made of a durable material such as steel and that it sits or extends to the right height as well as the appropriate range for your dog to stay safe and for you to work comfortably.  

best dog grooming table

  • Non-Slip & Waterproof Table Surface

Make sure your tabletop has a textured surface with non-slip and waterproof features. Choosing a dog grooming table with these features will make your pet comfortable and easy to wipe clean during the grooming process or afterward. This feature will protect your dog or cat from slipping or getting hurt on a non-slip countertop. The last thing you want is a wet puppy sliding around while you have a sharp grooming tool in your hand.

  • Foldable Table Legs

Unless you are a professional esthetician with your own office, you need to consider storage for your new beauty table. A table with collapsible legs allows you to easily tuck it into limited storage space and get it out when you need it. And, this thoughtful design will make it easy to open/close, transport and store.

In addition, there are many situations where you may need to move your grooming table to a different location: for example, being asked to groom your friend’s pet. 

You start to appreciate this folding feature when you can simply fold the table and take it to its destination. Some dog grooming tables also come with wheels for easy transportation to another room.

  • Detachable Loop Noose

The detachable loop leash design brings you attentive service. There is a looped leash attached to the adjustable arm by a buckle that can be worn around your dog’s neck and possibly body when you bathe, dry or groom your pet, they keep the dog in a comfortable position for quick grooming and prevent puppies from falling. If you don’t need it, the looped leash is removable and very easy to use.

The four points above are the basic features that you need to take into account when considering choosing an ideal pet table. I hope this helps you to decide wich grooming table is the best fit for your dogs’ grooming care.


Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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