Managing Dog Incontinence With Dog Diapers

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Managing Dog Incontinence With Dog Diapers

Managing dog incontinence with dog diapers can be a great option if your dog pees from excitement or is suffering from incontinence due to surgery or old age. I am happy to be partnering with Hartz® Dog Diapers to share with you our experience with incontinence with our adopted dog Sally, and how Hartz® Dog Diapers is helping us manage dog incontinence. Whether you’re adopting a puppy who needs training or pees due to excitement, adopting a senior dog that may have incontinence issues, or managing incontinence after your dog’s surgery, Hartz® Dog Diapers are a must-have tool when adopting your new dog.

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Adopting our dog Sally has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. She came into our lives to fill it with love and happiness. She has become my daughter’s emotional support dog and helps her manage anxiety and stress. Even though she is now considered a senior dog she still has lots of energy and loves to play outside although napping under my desk or on the couch is probably her favorite pastime. 

Being prepared to adopt a dog

Now that she is 11 she is starting to show some signs of old age. Although she still enjoys playing in the backyard and chasing squirrels her favorite pastime is napping on the couch. She has always been one of those dogs that pees from excitement and this has become even more common after she had surgery to remove a tumor on her mammary gland last year. Before she would pee only when she was really excited to see me, usually when I got back from traveling. Now she gets excited and pees even if I just went out to the supermarket. 

Being prepared to adopt a dog

When to use a dog diaper

When Sally had surgery she had a hard time getting up and usually did not make it to the backyard in time. We wanted to make sure that she was comfortable and happy and also wanted to avoid her peeing on carpets, couches, or on the bed so we decided on getting her dog diapers. Now we also use them occasionally to prevent her from peeing inside the house when she is excited.

There are a few situations in which a dog diaper is a good idea for your dog:

  • Incontinence due to old age
  • Excited peeing
  • Incontinence after surgery: after surgery, dogs may experience incontinence or have trouble going outside
  • Dog who excessively mark
  • Training your puppy: dog diapers can be an effective tool when training your new puppy
  • Traveling with your pet: if your pet will be traveling in a crate and you will be unable to relieve herself outside the crate for a while putting a diaper on your dog will ensure she stays clean, dry, and comfortable. 

Tips for Making Your Dog Feel Comfortable In a Diaper

A dog diaper can be a great solution for dealing with dog incontinence no matter what the reason. Dog diapers can prevent accidents inside the house and give you the peace of mind of knowing of having a way to manage your dog’s incontinence whether you are at home or not. I’m sharing some tips on how we’ve managed to make our dog Sally feel comfortable wearing a dog diaper, which in turn helps to ensure she keeps the diaper on. 

Find the best dog diapers

Finding the best dog diapers for your dog is key in ensuring that your dog is happy and comfortable. We really like Hartz® Dog Diapers because they are highly absorbent and made with patented FlashDry® Gel technology, which instantly turns urine into gel for up to 6 hours of leak-proof protection. This means our girl is comfortable and feels dry. This is especially important for us when we had to go out and leave her alone and were unable to change her diaper immediately. 

Best dog diapers

Choose the right type of diaper for your dog

Dog diapers can be worn by both male and female dogs. Hartz® Dog Diapers provide superior comfort and fit for leak-proof protection. For male dogs, you can also use a wrap, which wraps around the dog’s waist and can be more comfortable than a full diaper.  Hartz® Male Wraps follow the natural contours of your dog’s waist, providing superior comfort and fit for leak-proof protection and have a patented “Comfort Hold Strip” provides a soft and comfortable, yet secure fit for your dog without the Velcro sticking to the fur. 

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Make sure the diaper fits well

It’s very important that you make sure that the dog diaper fits your dog properly to ensure it is comfortable and stays on. Hartz® Dog Diapers has various different sizes and a sizing chart on their website that makes it easy to find the correct size for your dog.  

The specialized design of Hartz® Dog Diapers provides superior comfort and fit for leak-proof protection. The adjustable Velcro tabs and soft and stretchable gathers made it easy to ensure that the diaper provided Sally with a snug fit without sticking to her fur. 

Managing Dog Incontinence With Dog Diapers

Change the diaper as soon as it’s dirty

It’s important to change your dog’s diaper as soon as you notice the diaper is dirty to ensure your dog is comfortable, dry, and clean. When changing your dog’s diaper, use gloves and baby wipes to clean your dog, and wash your hands afterward.

Help your dog get used to the diaper

Wearing a diaper can feel uncomfortable for a dog and that was my biggest concern. I found a diaper like Hartz® Dog Diapers that made Sally comfortable. To help Sally get used to the diaper, we made sure to give her lots of attention, hugs, and treats the first time we had to put a diaper on her. Positive reinforcement made her associate putting a diaper with something positive and good and after a few times, she was completely ok with the diaper so we felt comfortable about leaving her alone with it for a few hours. 

dog diaper review
Whether you are adopting a puppy who needs training, helping your adopted dog manage incontinence when recovering from surgery or due to old age or have a dog that urinates from excitement or excessively marks, Hartz® Dog Diapers and Male Wraps provide a great solution. You can get Hartz® Dog Diapers and Male Wraps on Amazon,, and


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  1. This is such a good idea, Sal had incontence for the last 4 or 5 years of her life, luckily we managed to get it in control via medication after a while, but in the times where it wasn’t in control these would have been good for her as bless her she would get ever so upset if she was having an accident.

  2. These are a great option. We used potty bands back in the day for our guy because doggy diapers weren’t even a thing. These would have been a much better option.

  3. Thank you for such helpful advice! I think the most important thing is that the dog is comfortable in the diaper, and the main thing is to change the diaper on time. We have an old dog and unfortunately, she still can’t get used to the diaper, we will definitely try your advice


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