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Dealing with frequent urinary tract infections can be really challenging but there are things you can do at home to prevent UTIs. 

Unfortunately, women get more UTIs than men, and as we grow older the probability of getting a UTI increases. I had only had a couple of urinary tract infections in my entire life but now that I’m approaching menopause, they are more frequent. Did you know that a woman’s risk for bladder infections increases due to lower estrogen levels, which cause changes in the urinary tract such as decreased bladder elasticity and changes to the bladder lining? That is why UTIs tend to be more common during peri-menopause and menopause. There are, however, some steps you can take to reduce the risk of getting a urinary tract infection. 

tips for preventing UTIs

I love traveling and in general, I’m a very active person, even when I’m stuck at home. Having to deal with a UTI is not only painful but it puts my life on hold. As I have started to see symptoms of peri-menopause I am also aware that this means an even higher risk for UTIs. 

Having recurring UTIs has changed the way I live. I often will be afraid to make plans or travel for more than a couple of weeks. I am afraid of getting a UTI while in a different country. In the past, I have had to cancel plans and have had vacations ruined because of a UTI. I often think back to those times when UTIs were not something I had to worry about and I realize how much having to deal with recurring UTIs has changed me. I drink water obsessively, I think twice before making plans for traveling long term, and I am always wondering if a UTI will ruin my plans. 

Although UTIs usually respond well to antibiotics I really don’t want to go through the painful and expensive process of suffering through a UTI at all. And after the UTI is gone I don’t want to potentially have to deal with a yeast infection due to the antibiotics. And don’t even get me started on how much of a challenge it is dealing with a UTI when you’re traveling and have to seek a doctor in a different country or away from home!

That is why I focus on taking steps to help prevent UTIs before they happen and I’m super excited to partner with ellura. ellura is (and has been for several months) my new UTI prevention secret weapon! ellura is a medical-grade supplement that helps me stop UTIs before they happen. And the potential of living a life UTI-free means living my life to the fullest!

My Tips for Preventing UTIs

The best remedy for UTIs is preventing them and doing everything you can to make sure you don’t get another UTI. I have been working hard on getting healthier and stronger overall and have been focusing on taking care of myself. The great thing about taking care of yourself is not only that you feel better but that you are giving your body what it needs to fight infections in general. So, most of these tips have not only helped me with keeping UTIs out of my life, but also help me to be healthier, stronger and happier. 

Always stay hydrated – When I was younger, I really didn’t give hydration the importance it deserves. Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated not only helps you maintain the balance of your bodily fluids, helps control calories, and energizes your muscles, it also helps you flush out toxins and bacteria. When it comes to preventing UTIs, drinking lots of water and peeing frequently means you’re flushing bacteria out of your urinary tract. 

best tips for preventing UTIs

Make sure to maintain proper hygiene – By proper hygiene I mean to make sure that you’re wiping front to back and staying away from scented products like vaginal douches, powders, and vaginal deodorant sprays as these products can create an imbalance in your pH levels. pH levels are important as they ensure that there is the right balance of naturally occurring bacteria in your vagina. This, in turn, prevents harmful bacteria from growing. 

Take conscious steps to prevent a UTI – The best cure for a UTI is not getting a UTI. That is why I focus on prevention and that is why I take ellura every day.  What I really love about ellura is that it is a non-antibiotic alternative to help with UTI prevention, without the side effects or risk of bacterial resistance. I don’t want to take antibiotics unless it’s completely necessary. 

How ellura helps me prevent UTI infections

When it comes to supplements it’s important to know what you’re getting. ellura is more powerful and potent than a “traditional” cranberry supplement because it’s the only product that extracts this ingredient from the concentrate of cranberries, not the press cake or other parts of the fruit. ellura is backed by extensive clinical research led by urologists who first saw the most chronic cases. It is now the leading supplement recommended by healthcare providers.

I was so excited to start taking ellura daily four months ago. It’s been so nice to get my peace of mind back, feeling free to make plans, to take more adventures and to live my life to the fullest without having to worry about getting a UTI. Having recurring UTIs has really held me back from doing a lot of things and taking more risks when I travel, like going to more remote or far-away places or traveling for longer periods of time. But now that I’m taking ellura I am feeling hopeful and I can slowly feel how it’s also improving my confidence. 

Pee frequently – This one should be obvious, pee when you need to pee and don’t hold it! For years I would hold off peeing if I was out and about because I didn’t want to use public bathrooms. I would also hold my pee because I was “too busy” working in front of the computer and always seemed to be rushing to the bathroom at the last minute. It just took a couple of painful UTIs to realize it wasn’t worth it. Now I make sure I pee when my body tells me it needs to relieve itself and I don’t hold off on peeing anymore. Holding your pee can further increase your risk for UTIs. 

Reduce stress – One of the most important things I have done for myself has been to take steps every day to manage and reduce my stress levels. As I become older, and shall we say a bit wiser, I have given self-care more importance. Carving time for things like meditation, yoga and exercise are at the top of my priority list. 

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About ellura and why I take it to help prevent urinary tract infections

You’ve probably heard that cranberries can help prevent UTIs but it’s important to know that there is much more to this than just drinking cranberry juice! You see, cranberry juice is packed with sugar and it doesn’t have enough of (or the right kind of) proanthocyanidins, which is the active ingredient in ellura that helps prevent UTIs.

best product for preventing UTIs ellura

ellura is a medical-grade supplement that can help stop UTIs before they start thanks to a powerful natural ingredient  proanthocyanidins (PAC). ellura is the only supplement guaranteed to have the most potent 36 mg PAC extract. Unlike other products on the market, only ellura is made from pure cranberry juice extract, which allows the PAC in ellura to bind to the bacteria. 

I take ellura once daily and when I travel I also take it with me and always have it with my bag, so I don’t forget. I really love that there is a medical-grade supplement that I can take to help prevent urinary tract infections.  

tips for preventing urinary tract infections

PAC (proanthocyanidins) is the active ingredient found in the juice concentrate of cranberries that helps stop bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract. Studies have shown that cranberry juice and most supplements don’t have enough of this active ingredient. Only ellura uses the cranberry juice extract that provides the highest bioavailability of PAC, which results in the highest anti-adhesion, other products don’t. A study ranks ellura #1 supplement in terms of its powerful PAC formula and anti-adhesion activity when compared to other supplements (AJOG 2016).

If you’re struggling with repeat UTIs, try ellura. Use discount code PAULA for 50% off your first order at One use per customer, expires October 9th at 11:59 PM ET.

ellura is naturally sourced and has no known side effects.  If you have a red fruit allergy, please consult your doctor before you start. ellura is not a treatment for UTIs, and using ellura should not replace the expert advice from your health care team.

This content is sponsored by ellura. However, all opinions are my own.

best tips for preventing UTIs

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  1. I didn’t ‘t know that people in perimenopause were actually at higher risk for UTIs. UTIs are a PITA so anything that can help is great. More water always works wonders for so many ailments and issues.

  2. Nice post and you are definitely giving us a helpful tips. I agree with you that keeping yourself hydrated will help you to prevents UTI’s.

  3. My sister-in-law has been dealing with UTI for the past few months. I’ll sharing your post with her and thanks for creating awareness and sharing the tips!


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