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I am thrilled to share with my readers that Discovery Familia, our family’s favorite channel in Spanish, is welcoming a very special group of monsters into their educational programing. Their new animated series MATEMONSTRUOUS was created to foster the love for mathematics in kids. Along with the main characters Max, Lily and Gú, children will learn to solve day to day problems using math skills. The MATEMONSTRUOS are mad for math and all things “mathy”: counting, measuring, sizing, sorting and exploring shapes and patterns.

I have a little guy who is just crazy about math and I know that programming like this really stimulates his creativity and his problem solving skills. With STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills being on the decline in the United States; it is especially important to start creating a love for these skills while kids are still in their formative years. This is something that the team at Discovery Familia understands well. I had the opportunity of meeting them some months ago and visiting the Discovery Familia offices in Miami and I realized is that all of the awesome content that Discovery Familia offers is made possible by an amazing group of women, all of them moms like me and all of them interested in providing the best quality educational programming for kids.

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What I did not know is that even though by 2040 Latinos will make up 30 percent of the US population their participation in STEM careers is way below desired levels. Bilai Joa Silar, Vice President of Content at Discovery Familia comments: “To narrow this gap and ensure that our kids become future leaders, it is critical that we inspire in them a love for and interest in mathematics, science and technology from an early age. We are proud to be able to collaborate in this initiative through our children’s programming, which aims to encourage kids to think independently and help them acquire skills and habits that will be useful throughout their lives.”

I know that high quality educational programming like the one offered by Discovery Familia has awakened in my son a real love for mathematics and has helped him with his creative thinking. This year he started Kindergarten and while other children are learning his numbers he can already add and subtract and wants to move on more complex mathematical concepts.

[important]So don’t miss the MATEMONSTRUOS. Tune into Discovery Familia from Monday to Friday at 5PM E/2 PM P, starting on August 26.[/important]


In addition to MATEMONSTRUOS, Discovery Familia’s has some special back-to-school programming will great and fun options like the curriculum based series Artzooka!, Mister Maker and Word World. All of this programming is designed to prepare preschoolers for the world that surrounds them.  The network will also air thematic spots and the informative shorts “Back to School with Jeannette Torres,” in which Jeanette, an expert in early childhood education and the network’s official brand ambassador, shares useful tips for easing the transition and returning to routine.  This special programming will air for two weeks at 10AM ET/ 7AM PT and 3PM E/12PM PT starting August 19.


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27 thoughts on “Matemostruos is Coming To Discovery Familia”

  1. My son has always loved math so its been easy to get him interested, we always play games when we are out. counting cars, even subtraction with French fires 🙂

  2. We take real life example and have him add/subtract. He is only 3.
    EXAMPLE: If there are two trains and one leaves…how many are left.

  3. My Kids Love Math And Science, We Play Games To Encourage Learning, Also We Explore Outdoors To Learn And Discover.

  4. My husband and I along with our children seek experiments that can be done at home and playing and having fun so we practice science.

  5. Tengo una beba de 2 años de edad que le encantan los números incluso en espanol e ingles sabe contar hasta el 20. Le encanta jugar con legos, contar crayolas y colores. intuyo que le gustan las matemáticas!
    [email protected]

  6. Gracias por el sorteo , el post esta genial muy educativo. La mejor educacion los pekes aprenden con nosotros dia a dia y en casa , junto con la escuela . Les ayudo con dvd, juegos, musica , aparte dibujos animados educativos que son de garn ayuda , es la mejor maneja divertida y educativa .

  7. Me encanto este posts, ya que amo la ciencia en particular!! y mis hijos ya que tambien la aman, y lo note desde bebes que les llamaba la atencion cualquier actividad relacionada, por eso ahora estan estudiando en una escuela magnet STEAM (Science, Tecnology, Art, and Math). Y mi hijo en una escuela Charter Discovery. Es muy importante guiarlos para un buen futuro. Y el ejemplo siempre es fundamental.

  8. There are many educational math games and science experiments to make learning fun. Get kids involved and they will get excited.

  9. My kids aren’t old enough yet, but when they are in school I am going to have them participate in the science fairs like I always did. Even if they make the cliche volcano with baking soda, they still learn.

  10. de hecho a mi hijo le nacio el amor por la matematicas solito pero desde chiquitos es importante decirle numeros cantando y cosas asi se interesan mas

  11. I take my children to the Children Museum and the Health &Science Museum. I incorporate math and science with cooking and playing games.


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