Being Prepared and Preventing Sports Injuries In Kids

I have always loved sports and have practiced many of them. When I was younger one of my passions was motocross and I knew that by doing such a dangerous sort I was aware that I would get injured at at some point. I had many falls but the one that really made me think about the importance of being prepared and put everything into perspective happened while practicing on the track at night. As I reached one of the biggest jumps in the back of the track I was not able to position the motorcycle in a good angle for the takeoff and I landed almost upside down hitting the ground front tire first and right after that I felt as my head hit the ground. After just a few seconds I was lucky enough to get up and walk away but the crash broke the helmet and I was pretty sure I had broke a few ribs. With help from a good friend I was able to get to the hospital and check myself in just to make sure I did not had any head injury I was not aware of. Luckily everything was fine, besides two broken ribs.

That night made me realize how important it is to be prepared and to have the right support from friends or family just in case of any unexpected emergencies.  My little guy plays soccer and if he turns out to be as serious and competitive in sports as I am I know I need to do everything I can to prevent injuries and to be prepared so I am able to be there for him in every way.

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Tips For Preventing Sports Injuries In Kids

  • Use the right gear and make sure it fits! Besides wearing your full gear one of the almost important factors is making sure the gear is the correct one and that it fits correctly. From shoes being too big which will result in blisters or ankle injuries, to they are too large. Having the right gear and wearing it is very important but so is making sure that the gear fits correctly as not having the right fit can be as dangerous as not having the protective equipment at all.
  • Have a good support system.  It is a good idea to get to know your neighbors, your kid’s team-mate’s parents and coaches. When you or any family member is doing any type of sport, is important to have people you can depend on close to you so you can all work together in case if an unexpected accident or emergency.
  • Be involved and be present. I you have your child doing any type of sports don’t just drop him of. make time to stay with him/her. Not only for emergencies but because you might enjoy it too.
  • Have your medical history in order and the medical history for the rest of the family updated as well.
  • Pay attention to your body and remember to ask the right questions to your children before and after games and practices in the field, like “remember that it’s ok to stop if something hurts”, or “don’t forget to let me know if you got hurt and where”.
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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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11 thoughts on “Being Prepared and Preventing Sports Injuries In Kids”

  1. Those are awesome tips. I know a lot of people that try to swap sports gear for other sports their kids are involved in. I always suggest they go to a play it again sports store or something similar. It’s just not worth your child getting hurt and then really paying out of pocket. And love that giveaway!

  2. As someone that was well accident prone as a kid, it probably would have been helpful to have this in place back then. Great tips though.. even adults can have a system in place.

  3. Thanks for this post about being prepared and preventing injuries. When i was younger i used to play football and basketball, and i remember that in football if you didn’t have the right sized helmet (too large especially) you could get injured in multiple ways. My niece is just getting into sports I’ll remember these tips!

  4. Great information here Cesar, we try are best to practice and preach kids safety as well. Sports can be a great exercise activity for kids, but injuries sometimes come with the territory. These tips will definitely make the process a lot easier. Thanks again

  5. Having gear that fits is essential to preventing any type of sports injury in kids. Loose or tight fitting gear is just asking for trouble. Thanks for sharing this advice!

  6. Woah!you have done some awesome shit in your life and have learned from it,thats so cool and your kid is so cute.Am sure you will take his good care even if he turns out to be adventures like you


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