The New Mazda 3: A Winning & Powerful Combination

Mazda winning combination of comfort and excitement
Mazda winning combination of comfort and excitement every day.

When it comes finding the winning combination of comfort and excitement your options just got simpler.  For a person that likes to drive having a great car is very important, after the long hours of work having a good car is key because no matter how bad the traffic is driving home is always fun. Picking the right car is no easy task, it all depends on your needs and your budget. As soon as I got the the new Mazda 3 I was excited about driving it and my little guy was super excited to.  We had some fun driving to his soccer games and back and also driving him to school. The experience was so much fun for both of us, even he could see that this car was different and the first thing he said was: “This car is so cool Daddy.”

2015 Mazda3
2015 Mazda3

I need a car that is small,  quick and with all the technology and gadgets that make my commute pleasant. This month I had the pleasure of driving the perfect car for the task, the new 2015 Mazda3.  This car is not only cool but it comes with everything you need including: Bluetooth, navigation, rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, a touch screen that is both a good size and clear and enough usb connections for all of your devices.

Great quality interior with all the necessary things for modern life
Great quality interior with all the necessary things for modern life

This model came with Active driving display on the windshield (cool stuff) and nice comfortable leather trim. The seat’s ergonomics are really good and I had no problems on long drives, which usually give me discomfort or back problems. Now the fun part is the way this car moves and drives. The model I drove was a front drive six speed stick shift with a 2.5-liter, four cylinder SKYACTIV-G engine. The car has great handling and is fast, with some of the best gas mileage I have seen in this category. Also the new design makes the car look sportier and modern, with very sexy lines that make the Mazda3 turn heads. For the manual transmission the gears are smooth and easy to shift and I like that the dashboard tells you what gear you are in all the time. This new generation of Mazda 3s surpasses the already award winning 2014 models. For me, the Mazda3 is one of my best picks in this category and truly surpassed my expectations, this is one car I did not want to let go at the end. Everyday I was looked forward to driving it and was disappointed when I had to give it back. Some highlights from the Mazda3 S Grand Touring:

  • Great milage: 26 city and 35 highway
  • 184 horsepower 185 LB-FT torque
  • SKYACTIV-G 2.5 DOHC 4-CYL engine
  • Moonroof
  • Leather trim
  • Heated front seats
  • Keyless entry
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • BI Xenon headlights
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Active driving display
  • Rear camera
  • 7″ touch-screen
  • Navigation
  • Bose 9-speaker center point audio
  • Bluetooth

Mazda3 If you are looking for a car that not only looks great but is fun to drive give this the Mazda3 a try, you will not be disappointed. Check out the Mazda3 Website, like Mazda on Facebook and follow @MazdaUSA on twitter

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6 thoughts on “The New Mazda 3: A Winning & Powerful Combination”

  1. I love the new Mazda M3! I see many driving around and they always catch my eye. Now that I have read more details about it, I REALLY like it! Plus, Mazda has always made a good automobile! And while I am usually not a fan of white cars, I definitely like the way this one looks!

  2. You are speaking my language! I JUST bought the 2015 Mazda 3 November 30th and LOVE it! I have the hatchback that you show here in the dark gray. My husband drives it to work most days because he has a long commute and it gets such great MPG and I drive it on weekends. Great car.

  3. I really love this car. White is my most favorite color. The back seats looks so comfortable. Great to know the that it has ‘Active driving display’ as well. I am eagerly waiting to drive Mazda 3.


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