Tips For Holiday Card Giving and Saving With Hallmark Rewards

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My little guy is a bit of a clown an he loves showing off! 🙂

For my family traditions are very important, specially when the holidays arrive.  Traditions like drinking ponche in on cold nights while we listen to villancicos (Christmas carols), eating tamales on Christmas day or baking Christmas cookies.  One of those traditions is sending Christmas cards.  Ever since I can remember my family has bought Hallmark cards and now that I am far away it’s even more important for me to send my family and friends who all live far away Christmas cards because they help me feel connected and shorten that distance between us.

Tips For Holiday Card Giving

You can just buy a box of cards and send them off but if you are taking the time to send holiday cards you might as well make them memorable.  Cards should be able to convey that love and holiday cheer so here are some tips to help your holiday cards be special and stand out.

Turn it into a family tradition – We all sit around the dining room table and work on the Christmas cards together as a family.  My kids don’t get to see my parents, my brothers or my extended family much so while we are writing  the Christmas cards I tell them stories about tio Alex and tio Diego and I share my holiday memories of spending Christamas in Guatemala and what things where different and what things where the same.

Make the cards fun – We usually add a picture of the family in our cards b

ut you don’t have to stress about the pictures or spend a lot of money getting professional photographs, just try to make them fun and real.  I try to reflect our family’s personality in our Christmas pictures and try to make them funny and sweet.    You want to give your loved ones a little insight of our family life and of the kid’s personality.  Choose a photo that will make people smile.

Make them personal – A lot of people don’t even bother to add a note or even sign the card themselves anymore.  Show your loved ones and friends that you took that extra time to think about them by writing a short personal message and have everyone in the family sign the cards.

Add a little something – Since you are already paying for postage and sending an envelop anyway why not take advantage of that and drop a few extra family pictures in there or even a Christmas themed drawing or a handwritten note by your little one.

Get the kids involved – Both of my children help out with picking the card designs, the stamps and with decorating them.  My little guys loves to add stickers and write his own name and my daughter picks the stamps and puts them on.


The Hallmark Reward Program

If you are like me and send lots of greeting cards it makes sense to try to save a little on them. This year I joined the Hallmark Rewards Program and I am thrilled because I save and I get rewards too!  So what is the Hallmark Rewards Program anyway?

  • With the Hallmark Rewards Program you get rewarded everywhere you buy Hallmark Cards, and Hallmark cards are available at more than 30,000 grocery and drug stores and supercenters across the U.S.
  • You earn 1 reward for every 5 Hallmark cards purchased*. Rewards include gift cards, discounts, dollars off, and more from rewards partners that can help you enjoy more together time or even a little “me” time.
  • You earn a reward of your choice that can help you enjoy more together time, or even a little “me” time. Hallmark Card Reward partners include Starbucks, Nike, Applebee’s, Land’s End, Omaha Steaks and many others.

*Rewards are only for individual cards and not for boxed greetings.

You can download the Hallmark Card Rewards mobile app (Android and iPhone) to easily scan the barcode on the back of your purchased Hallmark cards and register your rewards for your account.  Register today for Hallmark Card Rewards at

Hallmark Card Rewards Infographic

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14 thoughts on “Tips For Holiday Card Giving and Saving With Hallmark Rewards”

  1. I really like Hallmark and have been a member of its rewards program for a few years now. I had not thought of having us all sit down to do the cards together, but this is a good idea to get the kids involved, thanks!

  2. I am still undecided on whether I want to send cards this year or not….heheheheh, it is silly, I know. I am just not used to it. Anywho, thanks for the tips!! Keeping them fun is always a must!

  3. I always love to send out cards, esp when it’s during special occasion, it makes me feel good even without expecting anything in return, it is a great way to let those people know that you remembered them.


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