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The Bilingual Businessman: The Future Of Business

With the recent research regarding bilingualism all being favorable, I can only imagine that bilingualism will become more of the norm going forward. Countries such as England are already rolling out legislation to encourage foreign language learning. With England jumping in head first for 2014, I believe other English-speaking countries will follow suit. Certain states … Read more

What Does It Mean To Speak More Than One Language?

I’ve actually been getting asked lately what it means to speak more than one language. Questions like “Do you think I’m bilingual?” and “When did you consider yourself bilingual?” Due to this peer-pressure, I went ahead and took a stab at answering this question. The results were fairly surprising… As I mentioned, I threw up … Read more

5 Ways To Keep Your Little Language Learners Motivated!

Motivation is very important in language learning whether it be an adult or a child. If a child doesn’t have any reason to learn their heritage or second language, they will generally resist and/or give up. Certain techniques are very helpful when trying to pass down a heritage language to a child. I will cover … Read more

raising bilingual children in a non-native language

Raising Bilingual Children as a Non-Native Speaker: The Challenges

Raising bilingual children as a non-native speaker of the language is an interesting endeavor. Fortunately, I have it better than some; my wife is a native speaker. It’s commonly understood that this is a huge benefit and, well, it is. While it is a huge benefit in the overall process, unique situations still exist for the one actually speaking … Read more