Coast-inspired Contemporary Interior Decor Ideas

oars coastal decor inspirationAre you dreaming of adding a bit of timeless ocean charm and beauty to your home?  If you’re after peace and harmony with a sprinkle of audacity thrown into the mix, then this is the perfect option for you. And don’t fret, a coastal theme can be modern and contemporary. There is no need to fill your home with seashells and trinkets, you can draw inspiration from the beach and the ocean without ending up with an over the top beachside cottage look.

An ocean color palette combined with sea-inspired ornaments and designs that find their way into every nook and cranny around the house, from the bathroom to the dining room, will elevate your mood and boost mental clarity and positivity. Here are some contemporary coast-inspired décor ideas you’re going to love.

Bring A Sense Of the Ocean Into Your Living Room

The foundation of the coast-inspired living room lies in the colors of the walls, the contrasts of the millwork, and the patterns of the custom furniture. Starting with the walls, you can choose the hue from an array of sunny or ocean colors, starting from sunshine yellow all the way to aqua blue. Wallpapers with unique patterns depicting various natural elements are also welcome.

living room with blue hues

For the millwork, make sure you choose a contrasting hue such as dark wood or light brown in order to outline the area and set the stage for vibrant and colorful furniture. You can revamp your furniture with upholstery fabrics to achieve a comfy and luxurious look. Following a similar color pattern, the furniture should boast both natural brown or vivid green, but with elements of aqua to support the foundation on the walls and natural illumination.

Redesign your home office

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house and more often than not, people tend to spend the majority of their day here. That’s why you should add a touch of flair and personality to the ambiance using the colors and shapes of the beach and the ocean.

entrance decor in blue colors interior design inspiration

Start by accentuating the room with ocean hues by introducing aqua blue chairs, cabinets, and Le Creuset ocean-inspired tableware in beautiful coastal blue. Be sure to keep the foundation a radiant white hue, complemented with blue countertops and riddled with greenery and natural elements. Finish off the design by decorating with sea-inspired artwork, candles, starfish accessories, etc.

Nature-inspired bedroom

While the rest of the house follows a certain pattern, the bedroom is going to sig its own, vibrant tune through the use of green hues that will portray a serene setting.

bedroom inspiration interior design in grays

Like sleeping under a canopy of lush, green foliage on a deserted island, the soothing green patterns and outlines on the pillows, valances, and furniture work wonderfully with the warm cone lights on the walls and the bamboo chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The bedroom is the perfect place to scatter sunlight and aqua accents around, so don’t shy away from contrasting vases on the windowsills and even a light aqua chest at the base of the bed.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Finally, the bathroom is all about peace, positivity, serenity, and warm intimacy. Think about ocean-going blue and green tiles on the floor, complemented with a freestanding bath next to windowsill decorated with aqua blue vases and contrasting purple, red, and yellow flowers.

bathroom decor inspiration

Keep the outlines and the vanity neutral or even introduce a light wooden hue to further strengthen your bond with nature. Decorate with seashells, starfish, and even your favorite artwork to complete the room.

Decorating your home with coastal accents and design solutions is a rewarding project, one that will bring the ocean’s sense of serenity into every room to create your very own secluded beachside cove. By implementing these tips into your décor, you will have created the coast-inspired home of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Visit a furniture store in Noosa or one near you to get started with new interior decor.

Coast-Inspired Contemporary Interior Decor Ideas

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. Coast-inspired is so my cup of tea. Personally, I love staring at the ocean, so stumbling across this is definitely a treasure. These are all great ideas, and I can’t wait to try them out myself.


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