Fun Soccer Party For Kids With Free Party Printables

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Do you have a picky eater?  We do, and sometimes my wife and I throw up our hands wondering “How are we ever going to get ANYTHING nutritious into him!” If you have a picky eater at home you feel my pain, and know my worries.  Growing kids need fuel, not only to get them through their average day but to power them up for school and sports activities.  We have scratched our heads many times over a lunch box wondering how we were going to “trick” him into eating something healthy!


Fortunately, our picky eater LOVES chocolate milk. And not the, he loves it one day won’t touch it the next, kind of love – no, this is long term love.  He never refuses a cold chocolate milk and from what we have learned about Nesquik chocolate milk and their convenient 8 oz bottles, we are sure to give him the right nutrition to power through his entire day.


We hosted a fun soccer play date after the game this weekend and aside from the regular healthy snacks like granola, fresh fruit and cheese we replenish all our guests with Nesquik chocolate milk.


Making the food look fun and also created some printables you can get here to add to your table setup was important for us.





Nesquik has a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio.  This is a near perfect balance of carbs to protein making it an excellent recovery drink as well a secret source of nutrition for everyday lunches or snack time. In fact, many professional athletes chug chocolate milk over sports drinks and studies have shown the type of protein in chocolate milk is just what your body needs after a hard workout.  And if you’d seen my kids playing soccer, like two maniacs, you’d know that it qualifies as a “hard workout”!


So, if you are struggling to feed your kids healthy foods or give them a snack they love but that doesn’t skimp on nutrition, try Nesquik chocolate milk. We have a happy kid who is is gladly chugging the Nesquik and we are happy to give it to him.  Hop in the conversation and learn more about how Nesquik can power your kid’s day too by using the hashtag #QuikWins on social media.


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9 thoughts on “Fun Soccer Party For Kids With Free Party Printables”

  1. Hermosas las fotos! La fiesta les quedó muy bonita, gracias por compartir los imprimibles! En casa a mis hijos también les encanta la leche con chocolate Nesquik! Y a mi también, ya que viene con menos azúcar y leche baja en grasa. Saludos!

  2. En casa nos gusta tomar Nesquick después de los entrenos de futbol, yo incluso lo tomo después de entrenamientos fuertes para evitar el dolor muscular y me funciona de maravilla.


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