How To Improve Workout Performance While You Travel

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Working out at the park 2
There are are always parks where you can workout when you are traveling.

In this post I want to share with you how to stay in shape while you travel and how to improve workout performance while on the road. We love to travel but traveling can be hard on your workout routine and throw off your diet plan. Eating unhealthy foods and overeating at restaurants, not getting enough exercise, etc. can take a toll and then you are left feeling guilty and having to make up for it when you get back, which is no fun at all and makes you stress during your travel when you should be relaxing! But there are easy ways to stay in shape while you travel. Here are my best tips for improving performance while you travel and staying in shape during summer trips or anytime you travel.

gym on the Fathom cruise to Dominican Republic
Checking out the gym on the Fathom cruise to Dominican Republic.

Do your research and use what you have.

When I arrive at a hotel the first thing I do is check out the gym to see what machines are available to workout with and I check out the pool. Ask the concierge or research online to see if there is a gym nearby, also look for park or any other places where you can run safely.

Workout gear for travel

Pack with exercise in mind.

Always pack your swimsuit and your workout clothes. Making sure that you have the right workout gear easily accessible will help you take advantage of any opportunity to workout whether it’s a hike in the woods or a run in New York City and it will motivate you to workout. Having some resistance bands is a must when you are traveling, they are easy to travel with and you can really push yourself between the bands resistance and your body weight to have a great workout without leaving your hotel room.

hiking in Sedona
Hiking in Sedona during a work trip to Phoenix.

Find ways to stay active.

Even if you are traveling don’t stop moving. Walk as much as you can when you go out sightseeing or take a walk on the beach to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. Depending on where you are traveling to you can rent a bike, a kayak or a paddle board and get some exercise into your vacation while you enjoy sightseeing or spending time on the beach.

Working out at the park

Embrace the change.

I know this is easier said than done but after years of working out I have come understand that change is not only good when you exercise but it is inevitable. Even when you are at home you should be changing things up with your training but when you travel this is even easier. While traveling you can gey inspired and try new things and new ways of working out.

Tips for working out while you travel.

Feed your muscles.  

Ideally you need 30g of protein to recover from your workout and you should try to consume about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Eating right and getting all the protein you need is sometimes difficult when you are traveling as you don’t have as much control on what you eat.  That is why I take EAS® whey protein powder with me on the road; made with only high-quality whey protein and no fillers or added sugar EAS® lists all of it’s ingredients and quantities so that I know exactly what I am getting. The great advantage of whey protein is that it’s easy to digest and ideal for after a workout to replenish and start rebuilding muscle. Check out the New NBC Show S.T.R.O.N.G where EAS® products will be featured on the June 2nd episode. (9pm EST 8pm CST). I’m sure you will get some great tips. I like that I can get EAS® at Walmart and I can also get it at any Walmart in the US which is very convenient in case I forget to pack it or need more.

It’s a good idea to stay at hotel that has a refrigerator so that you an buy some healthy food options and keep them in your room. To keep track of what you are eating you can use an app which allows you to research and track of the food you are eating throughout the day, there are may out there.

EAS at Walmart's Website

Tips for traveling with protein powder. 

Traveling with whey protein powder when you are flying can be tricky. If I am flying I measure out the amount of EAS® powder I will need, put it in a  zip-lock bag and place it in my checked bag; I don’t advise you putting it in your carry on. Make sure to squeeze all the air out of the zip-lock bags because they can expand in the lower pressure upper atmosphere and could pop open if there’s too much air in them. I place the zip-lock bag inside my wide mouth water bottle or you can double bag them to protect your clothes in case the bag tears. It’s a good idea to label the container or bag where you are transporting your EAS® powder so that if the TSA goes through your checked bag they will know what the powder is and just as an extra precaution I usually take chocolate flavored  EAS® powder instead of vanilla.

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Hiking in Sedona
Hiking in Sedona; staying active while the scenery and finding balance.

Use travel as the perfect excuse to rest and recover.

Exercise recovery is something that many of us neglect even though it’s a very important component of any training and exercise program. I know I am guilty of not giving myself enough time for my body to recover. When I travel I do not stress over pushing myself like I do when I am at home and embrace relaxing so that my body can rest and recover.  I focus in maintaining my body composition and my weight rather than on gaining muscle or loosing weight. Not only is this great for my overall performance but being able to relax and unwind puts me in a better mental state and motivates me to continue with my strict workout and eating routine when I get back home.

Just because your environment changes that does not mean you can’t still maximize your performance. If your goal at your gym is to squad a heavy bar, when you travel substitute it by squading with your wife on your back or you can do 200 air squads, by the time you are almost done with the last 20 reps your legs will think they are lifting more weight than you lift at home. It’s not about what you do or where you do it, is about how you push your self on whatever it is you are doing.

Be sure to check out the PowerInProtein site for more great tips on how to improve your workout performance.

running in the park

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6 thoughts on “How To Improve Workout Performance While You Travel”

  1. My husband always packs a few things to get in exercise while we are on vacation. I’ve never thought of bringing protein powder along as well. You have some really great ideas here!


  2. It’s easy to get side track with working out during travel. I specially struggle because of my bulky tennis shoes but my husband is a big fan to make sure I pack him work out clothes even for his business trips.

  3. When I know that there’s an upcoming travel, I always make sure that I workout a lot a week before so that I can take my travel days as my time to recover.

    I completely agree with all points you mentioned.

    I just also wanted to share that doing “Tabata” training is an effective workout plan whenever you’re off travelling. It will just take you a few minutes to workout. The intensity is extreme though but that’s what it makes very efficient when you have a tight budget to fit you workout session to.



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