Baby Boomers, Lets talk About HepC

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baby boomers 1 Hey, Baby Boomers (or children of Baby Boomers) let’s talk about your liver.  It’s not the most fun topic we’ve discussed on the blog but it’s one that could save you or a loved one’s life and health and we are all about healthier living! Did you know that a disease you might have unknowingly contracted in the 70’s or 80’s could be damaging your liver and drastically increasing your chances of liver cancer? May is Hepatitis Awareness month and in partnership with Quest Diagnostics we are encouraging all Baby Boomers to get tested for Hep C. If you aren’t a Boomer, and most of our readers are not, please share this post with your parents, who probably are. baby boomers 2 You might be wondering, why Baby Boomers? Well, statistics tell us that Baby Boomers comprise over 75% of new diagnoses of Hep C and many have been living with this disease for decades, damaging their livers and, potentially infecting others as well. Most can never pinpoint where they became infected, initially.  Hepatitis C is a serious illness. Aside from Liver cancer, Hepatitis C can cause Liver failure and death from the infection itself. Years ago there was no cure for Hepatitis C, but fortunately you can now be treated and cured if the infection is detected in time. Doctors don’t know why the disease is so prevalent in this age group and not others, but they do know that if you are diagnosed while the disease is dormant you can be cured and not suffer the, very serious, consequences of Hepatitis C infection. Getting tested is easy. Be sure to ask your doctor to write a lab requisition for the test. Next, you’ll go to a lab for a simple blood draw and those results will be shared with your doctor.  Don’t put it off because you feel fine at the moment, most people do.  Don’t assume that you have been tested for Hepatitis C in the past, you may not have been. The CDC is currently recommending all adults born between 1945 and 1965 get tested because you, yes you, are at higher risk of having Hepatitis C. A 5X higher risk than the rest of the population.   Baby Boomers 3 We know talking about lab tests and Hepatitis isn’t entertaining but it is important. So, the next time you see your doctor be sure to ask to get tested. The test is easy and the peace of mind is priceless. Stats for HepC Know Hepatitis Logo

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