Pumpkin Turkey Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

turkey pumpkin craftMy little man is really crafty so even though I am not that crafty I have had no choice but to learn as there is nothing he enjoys more than making crafts together. So for a few months now we have been doing a lot of crafts and projects as a family and it’s a great activity for all of us. Not only that but my daughter who has fine motor problems and who usually shies away from anything that requires working with her hands has really started to give crafts a try as well.

pumpkin turkey craft for kids Last week we decided to make something with a few mini pumpkins we had from Halloween and we thought of combining them with some fall leaves to make these cute little pumpkin turkeys. For this project you will need the following materials: a small pumpkin, brown and yellow foamy, red felt, fall leaves, red felt, goggly eyes, a glue gun and glue sticks. We used store bought leaves only because we don’t really have fall leaves available here in Florida but it would have been so much more fun to make these with real leaves.

turkey pumpkin craft

Step 1. Cut the head and the feet from the brown foamy.

Step 2. Cut the beak from the yellow foamy and the put on the head along with the googly eyes.

Step 3. Glue the back of the head to the stem of the pumpkin.

Step 4. Glue the feet to the front of the pumpkin.

Step 5. glue the 3 or 4 leaves in the back of the pumpkin to make the tail.

turkey pumpkin craft

This is a very easy project to make with the kids and this would also make a really nice decoration for the Thanksgiving table. Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!

turkey pumpkin craft

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  1. For the non artist crafty person it would be wonderful to have templates of the head, beak, wattle and feet. I love the idea. I want to make the pumpkin and use it as a placecard holder. Thank you for an easy idea, I think.

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