Cascarones are a Guatemalan carnaval traditions, learn more about Carnaval traditions on Guatemala.

Cascarones & Pica-Pica: Memories of Carnaval in Guatemala

Carnaval in Guatemala, like in many other cultures around the world, is a tradition of religious origin, which is celebrated on Fat Tuesday, right before the start of Lent . In most parts of Guatemala we don’t have a huge celebration like Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Two exceptions … Read more

10 Libros de Amor y Amistad en Español

                  El Día del Cariño es una gran oportunidad para enseñarles a los niños acerca del amor y la amistad. A continuación hay 10 libros que les enseñaran acerca de las relaciones y la importancia de la amistad y el amor. El Libro Magico de la Amistad/ … Read more

Fish & Shrimp Ceviche

  Ceviche is one of my favorite foods, it’s a great summer or beach food and you can add different shellfish and fish to it. Ceviche is a traditional food in many Latin American countries and this version is from Guatemala, my home country. Ingredients: 4 large tomatoes , diced 2 lbs of firm, fresh … Read more

Michelada the Best Way to Drink Your Beer

  Michelada The Michelada or Chelada is a beer cocktail which is popular in Mexico and in my home country of Guatemala, there are also similar versions of this in Colombia and other south American countries. In my opinion this is the best way to have a beer and it’s great for hangovers. There are … Read more

The Perfect Latino Valentine’s Cocktails

All of these delicious cocktails are filled with Latino flavor and are the perfect option to accompany that romantic Valentine’s dinner. Chocolate Margarita Ingredients 1/2 cup chocolate syrup 8 ounces tequila 1/4 ounces chocolate liqueur 1/3 cup half and half 1/3 cup orange liqueur 1 teaspoon almond extract 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon Preparation To rim … Read more

Valentine’s Recipes with Latino Passion

Here is a great collection of sexy foods filled with Latino flavors and ingredients the will be sure to get you in the mood para El Día del Cariño o El Día de los Enamorados. What you eat directly influences your body and your bodily functions. The food you consume may affect your hormones, brain … Read more


Guatemalan Buñuelos Recipe

photo credit: JC i Núria via photopin cc   Growing up in Guatemala buñuelos where always one of my favorite foods. I can still remember the sweet smell of the anise syrup floating in the air every time we when to a “feria”. I was lucky because my Nana made them at home so I … Read more

Read Conmigo Fostering Biliteracy with Free Books in Spanish!

Inifinity’s Read Conmigo Program Sends you Free Books in Spanish! Infinity Auto Insurance has embarked on a mission to reinforce the educational advantages of bilingual literacy. In May of 2011 they launched Read Conmigo, a non-profit program for Latino families across the country. Read Conmigo’s mission: to enrich the learning environment of bilingual households, one … Read more