DIY Day of The Dead Sugar Skull Wind Chime

This Day of the Dead DIY sugar skull wind chime makes a great outdoor decoration for El Dia de los Muertos ant it’s so easy to make by upcycling old materials.
DIY Day of the Dead wind chime

We have been wanting to to do some outdoor Day of the Dead decorations for a while now and I have always really liked wind chimes so making a sugar skull wind chime seemed like the perfect project for the weekend. This turned out to be easier than we had anticipated as we ended up using an old wind chime we got at a garage sale for a dollar.
materials to make DIY Day of the Dead wind chime

To make this sugar skull wind chime you will need:

  • old wind chime to upcycle or wind chime tubes (I have bought them at Amazon)
  • wooden skull cutout (I got mine at Michael’s)
  • white spray paint
  • sharpie markers in different colors
  • pencil

DIY Day of the Dead wind chime

Step 1 

Paint the skull cut out white using spray paint.

Step 2

Make a hole at the top and bottom of the cutout, you can use a drill or even a nail and hammer to make the holes.

Step 3 

Using a pencil trace the design of your sugar skull on both sides of the skull cutout.
DIY Day of the Dead wind chime
Step 4

Using the black sharpie trace the pencil drawing. Once the sharpie is dry erase the pencil tracing marks.

Step 5

Using bright colored sharpies color in your sugar skull design.
DIY Day of the Dead wind chime
Step 6

Attach the wind chime to the bottom of your sugar skull and attach a string or small metal chai to the with a hook at the end to the top.

Step 7

Hang your wind chime and enjoy!
DIY Day of the Dead wind chime
We placed our Day of the Dead inspired sugar skull wind chime on our back yard where we have a lot of trees. This is a very easy project that you can make with your kids.


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