Full Sail Labs STEM Summer Camps: Empowering Creativity and Content Creation

As a mom looking for the best summer camps, I was thrilled to discover Full Sail Labs STEM camps. Located in Winter Park, Florida, near Orlando, Full Sail Labs is part of Full Sail University, a trusted institution offering degrees focused on entertainment media and emerging technologies. Their STEM and STEAM camps provide a transformative experience that unlocks children’s and teens creativity and empowers them to become content creators.

Full Sail Labs STEM Summer Camps

Full Sail Labs offers a range of immersive 5-Day project-based Virtual and Campus summer camps, designed to nurture imaginations and foster growth. With a focus on collaboration and guided by expert instructors, these camps integrate storytelling, technology, and art, allowing campers to explore their passions while developing essential skills.

Film production summer camps for teens

What sets Full Sail Labs apart is its dedication to hands-on learning and immersive teaching methods, inspired by Full Sail University. Whether attending virtually or on campus, these camps provide a dynamic and engaging educational environment. I love that we found options for kids and teens to explore career paths they may already have interest in, from digital art and movie production to game design, 3D modeling and much more. Their camps go beyond broad subjects like robotics and music or art into more specific and targeted skills from video editing using DaVinci Resolve to incorporating art and design concepts while learning Photoshop. My son was so excited to finally find a summer camp focused on teens where he can explore game design using Unity and electronic music production.

Unity game design summer camp

Exploring Careers In STEM: Summer Programs for Kids and Teens at Full Sail Labs

Full Sail University is a renowned institution that has been successfully nurturing creators for over 40 years. With its strong connection to Entertainment, Art, Media, and Technology, Full Sail University offers an immersive and relevant learning experience that prepares kids and teens for today’s rapidly evolving industries and pop culture.

At Full Sail Labs, the focus is on project-based learning, where campers actively participate in the creation and development of various projects. Through hands-on activities, camp attendees engage in instruction, interactive practice, collaboration, and feedback, all designed to foster their creativity and skill development. By applying their newfound knowledge in real-world contexts, campers not only learn new skills but also gain practical experience that prepares them for their future endeavors.

Ignite Your Child’s Passion for STEAM: Full Sail Labs Summer Camps for Kids Ages 7-12

Full Sail Labs offers engaging and educational STEAM summer camps for children ages 7-12, providing an introduction to STEM fields while nurturing their existing passions for gaming, music, and movies. These carefully crafted camps empower kids to express themselves and develop essential skills in a supportive environment, covering a wide range of interests such as 3D modeling, STEAM Minecraft engineering, digital arts, game design, sound design, graphic design, and more. Through hands-on exploration and collaboration, children delve into various platforms like MakeCode Arcade, Scratch, and GameMaker, learning coding and programming concepts to bring their creative ideas to life.

Stop motion animation summer camps

By merging entertainment and education, these camps leverage kids’ passions to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, offering early exposure to cutting-edge technology and laying the foundation for future success in STEAM fields.

film production summer camps for kids

  • 3D Modeling: Dive into the captivating world of 3D Modeling, learning the fundamentals and transforming into skilled 3D artists, creating memorable characters, props, and environments.
  • MakeCode Arcade: Design and code your own games using Microsoft MakeCode, learning block-based coding, player inputs, collision detection, and unleashing creativity to design original art assets.
  • Digital Arts & Craft: Blend traditional arts and crafts with technology, creating unique crafts related to media, film, gaming, music, and design, and translating them into digital projects.
  • Scratch Programming: Utilize Scratch, a block-based coding platform, to exercise computational thinking and problem-solving skills, designing and coding unique video games with playtesting and peer critique.

Stop motion animation summer camps

  • Stop Motion Animation: Learn the entire process of stop motion animation, from storyboarding to editing, using various materials and artistic styles to create animated short films.
  • Sound Design for Film: Explore the powerful role of sound in film and television, learning sound design fundamentals and practicing recording, synthesizing, mixing, and editing audio for film clips.
  • GameMaker Game Design: Code and design your own games using GameMaker, implementing functionality and creating pixel art, with playtesting and peer feedback for refinement.
  • Silent Film: Produce a narrative short film, focusing on visual storytelling techniques, character actions, camera angles, and lighting to convey mood and atmosphere, refining films through peer review and feedback.
  • Graphic Design: Create digital projects using Adobe Photoshop, incorporating art and design principles to develop visually appealing and well-structured designs with a unique artistic style.

STEAM summer camps for kids in Orlando

  • STEAM Minecraft Engineer: Integrate STEAM concepts into Minecraft, solving problems, collaborating, and developing creative thinking, coding, art, design, and engineering skills within the game environment.
  • Tabletop Game Jam: Design tabletop games from scratch, exploring game development structures, brainstorming, playtesting, and gaining the knowledge and skills to create tabletop games at home.

Exploring Tech and Creative Career Paths: Full Sail Labs STEM Teen Camps

The teen camps at Full Sail Labs offer a unique opportunity for teenagers aged 13-17 to take a deep dive into their passions and explore career paths in the tech and creative industries. With a wide range of camps available, both on-campus and virtually, from game development and music production to film editing and 3D modeling, Full Sail Labs provides an immersive and hands-on learning experience. 

Digital music productions summer camp for teens

The Virtual summer camp options provide a dynamic learning experience with a combination of instructor-led sessions and Open Lab sessions.Campers participate in 20 hours of immersive learning over five days, meeting twice a day for 2-hour sessions. The instructor-led sessions offer essential guidance, while the afternoon Open Lab sessions allow camp attendees to explore, experiment, and practice their skills, striking a balance between structured instruction and creative freedom.

Virtual design and technology camps for teens

These camps not only allow teens to explore their interests but also equip them with the knowledge, skills, and industry-standard software necessary for pursuing STEM careers in these fields. What sets the teen camps at Full Sail Labs apart is the depth of exploration and the level of expertise provided, allowing teens to truly develop their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the industries they are passionate about. Full Sail Labs empowers teens to pursue their passions and explore potential career paths in the ever-evolving tech and creative industries.

  1. Unreal Game Jam: Join the exciting world of game development and learn game design principles while participating in a Game Jam. Campers will pitch ideas, assemble teams, and build a game from scratch, gaining the knowledge and skills to thrive in future Game Jams.
  2. Electronic Music Production (Available on campus and virtual): Dive into the realm of electronic music production using Ableton Live 11. Campers will explore various genres, experiment with audio samples and virtual instruments, and learn mixing effects, enabling them to create their own unique sound and produce songs.
  3. Resolve Video Editing (available on campus and virtual): Discover the power of DaVinci Resolve in this video editing camp. Camp attendees will learn film editing principles, color correction, and adding visual effects and audio to pre-recorded videos. Through hands-on experience, they will gain the foundations and skills to create visually impactful videos.
  4. DJ Producer: Unleash your creativity and learn the fundamentals of DJ production and mixing. Using professional software like Ableton Live 11 and Serato, campers will experiment with audio samples, virtual instruments, and mixing effects. They will create their own unique mix with an original song, developing their style and skills as a DJ Producer.
  5. Unity Game Design (available on campus and virtual): Immerse Yourself in the World of Gaming and Technology. Camp attendees will create a driving game using Unity, learning art asset integration, C# programming, and receiving peer feedback. They will take their game to the next level by programming a split-screen system, enhancing their game development skills and leaving the camp with a fully functional game.
  6. Game Audio Designer: Dive into the world of interactive audio and learn to design audio specifically for games and applications. Campers will explore the entire audio production process, from recording and synthesizing to mixing and editing. They will implement their audio into a game or application, gaining an appreciation for the history and principles of interactive audio.
  7. Adobe Photoshop Arts: Unleash your creativity in this camp focused on digital art and design using Adobe Photoshop. Camp attendees will explore the core features and tools of Photoshop to create various digital projects that showcase their unique style. They will enhance and composite photos, receiving feedback and curating a portfolio of their completed work.
  8. FS Labs Film Fest: Collaborate with fellow filmmakers to create an extended short film for the FSL Film Festival. Campers will go through all stages of production, from script development to shooting footage and editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. They will have the opportunity to explore different roles, contribute to multiple projects, and showcase their work at the festival.
  9. Songwriting & Mixing (virtual): Explore the art of songwriting and mixing in this camp, where camp attendees learn melody, harmony, arrangement, and lyric composition. Using Ableton Live 11, campers create and master their own original songs, gaining a deep understanding of song structure, mainstream styles, and genre principles

Best STEM camps for teens

Full Sail Labs summer camps are a gateway for kids and teens to embrace their creativity and embark on a transformative educational journey. By offering project-based Virtual and Campus camps, Full Sail Labs ensures that children and teenagers have the opportunity to become active participants in their learning. Whether it’s through virtual sessions that blend instruction and open exploration or immersive in-person experiences, Full Sail Labs empowers camp attendees to unleash their creativity, develop essential skills, explore future career paths and cultivate a lifelong passion for content creation.

Best STEM Camps for teens

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