Fun times with the Kia Soul


Kia Soul at the beach
Kia Soul at the beach

It’s beach day at the Diaz family and we can’t wait to enjoy this beautiful Southwest Florida weather. Today we are driving the 2014 Kia Soul. It’s square shape works very well with the round edges and it’s big head lights that say please drive me! The interior has good quality materials and is very comfortable with enough space for the four of us.  My kids are really enjoying the panoramic sunroof, how perfect this is for a beautiful day like today! This weekend we decided to visit a new beach and we were not familiar with the road but getting there was a breeze thanks to the high tech touch screen with navigation and a great sound system that made the trip lots more fun and pleasant .

kia soul interior
Kia Soul’s interior

Living here in Florida the beach is very close to the city and on weekends the streets are alway busy, the size of the the Kia Soul makes it a good city car and we were just zipping through the traffic. After a long day of playing in the sun and sand it was time to head back home. The kids took a long nap and I was thankful for how quickly the AC cooled the car down.

kia soul trunk
Kia Soul’s trunk

I have to say that I was very pleased with the Kia Soul. With the new improvements from the past year this car not only has a cool design but it’s also an enjoyable drive.  We are a techie family and we loved all the great features that help stay connected: Bluetooth, satellite radio, USB connections and many other features that make this car a great deal for the price.

Kia Soul has a fun design
Kia Soul has a fun design

The Soul has enough space in the trunk for everyday activities and if you need the extra room you can pull down the back seats and it doubles in size.

Kia Soul's details
Kia Soul’s details

The Kia features an ECO (economy) setting, simply press on the center console button and you can feel the car changing the way the engine behaves: shifting faster and with less effort and improving the fuel efficient.

Our favorite things about the Kia Soul:

Fuel economy  23 city 31 highway : nothing like being able to save money at the pump!

• MP3 player: that let us listen to our favorite tunes and enjoy our drive, even while stuck in traffic. • Satellite radio: we had fun playing around and checking out new stations and music styles.

• USB auxiliary input jacks: great for connecting and charging all of our devices.

• Bluetooth wireless technology:  no need to bring the headphones for the cell phone, you can just enjoy a conversation while you drive.

• Remote keyless entry: super helpful when you are carrying all that beach gear.

• Navigation system: love having the navigation system and not having to rely on my iPhone.

• Infinity audio system: the sound quality was great!

• Rear camera: no need to strain your neck to look behind you and you get a clear view of everything that is behind the car, even those toys the kids keep leaving in the driveway.

• Panoramic sunroof: this sunroof is HUGE and really awesome to enjoy our amazing Florida weather.

To learn more about the Kia Soul and all of it’s great features you can check out the Kia website , like Kia Soul on Facebook and follow @Kia on twitter. Have you driven a Kia Soul?

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