How I’m Preparing for Flu Season By Getting My Flu Shot at Sam’s Club

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Flu season is here and there is no better way to prevent the flu than by getting the flu vaccine. I’m sharing how I’m preparing for flu season at home and why I’m choosing to get my flu shot at Sam’s Club.

How to prepare for flu season

There are steps you can take to stay healthy and help prevent getting sick this flu season. Here are some of the things I am doing this year to make sure I keep my family healthy and prepare for the flu and cold season. 

Help prevent the flu by getting the flu shot: Protecting my family is important and helping prevent the flu by getting the vaccine is the best way for me to protect myself, my family, and others too. If this past year and a half have taught me anything it is that we must all do our part to protect those around us. Although I consider myself pretty healthy and it’s important for me to get the flu shot so that I can also avoid passing the flu to people who may be more at risk like my in-laws who are older.

Stock up on flu essentials: It’s important to be prepared in case someone in your family does get the flu. Every year I stock up on all the flu essentials when flu season starts. Some of the things I make sure I have on hand include fever and pain relief medication, cough medicine, tissues, and a working thermometer with batteries.

Keep your home germ-free: Keeping germs away is all about keeping your home and other things you come into contact with clean. I always stock up on cleaning and disinfecting supplies at Sam’s Club, from disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer to products for cleaning countertops, etc.

Keeping your home clean in general is important to help prevent colds and flu but it’s especially important to focus on surfaces you touch every day like your computer keyboard, your cell phone or tablet, door handles, faucet handles as well as refrigerator and microwave handle and stove knobs. Everything that you touch a lot needs to be cleaned a lot, especially during flu season.

Wash your hands: By now we should all have gotten used to hearing this advice, and also have hopefully learned to wash our hands correctly. Make sure you’re using a good hand soap but most importantly wash your hands thoroughly and many times a day.

wash your hands

Manage stress, eat well, and get enough sleep: Boosting your immune system is a great way to ensure you stay healthy. One of the most important things when it comes to keeping your immune system strong is eating way and focusing on your overall health.

Getting enough rest is also very important. Having a schedule for bedtime not just for the kids but also for myself and staying away from screens for at least 30 minutes before bedtime really works for me.

Stress can lower your body’s ability to fight off disease. To manage stress I meditate every morning, spend time out in nature and do yoga and stretching at home.

Why I’m getting my flu shot at Sam’s Club

Getting my family’s flu shot at Sam’s Club is so convenient. I can get it while I shop in-club so it’s something I don’t have to go out of my way for. Getting my flu vaccine at Sam’s Club saves me time and is so easy. And there is a zero-dollar co-pay with most insurance.My kids are both teens, but be sure to check with your Sam’s Club pharmacist if you are planning to get your family’s flu shots at Sam’s Club as the minimum age for shot administration varies by state.

The Sam’s Club pharmacy is also where I get all of my prescriptions and over-the-counter medication, including cough medicine and other flu season medication so I can be prepared in case anyone gets a cold or the flu. And because I get Rx discounts I prefer to get the prescriptions at the Sam’s Club pharmacy.

I love that Sam’s Club can be my one-stop for everything I need for cold and flu season from tissues and hand sanitizer to disinfecting and cleaning supplies for my home. There was absolutely no wait to get my flu vaccine when I visited my Sam’s Club, however you can also make an appointment and schedule your flu shot in advance at

I am keeping my family safe by getting my flu shot at Sam’s Club. You can schedule your flu shot online at Sam’s Club today!

Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

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  1. Flu season is a great time to work from home. That’s my strategy 🙂 I used to be sick almost once a month when I worked in an office—I don’t miss those days!

  2. Sam’s club sounds great. It sounds like they have plenty of products and having a pharmacy there too can save you time.

  3. I agree, I think it’s already a mother’s instinct to make sure everything in the house is cleaned and our children’s hands too.


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